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BMW Is Working On a Clever 8-Speed Transmission

How clever? Well, it will be able to adapt its shifting pattern and power delivery in order to suit road conditions. How is it going to do that you ask? By using a lot of nerdy stuff, like GPS mapping, a wireless data connection, the car’s DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), along with front and rear-mounted cameras and radar sensors.

We can’t tell you when this clever transmission will find its way into a car, but our money is on the next generation of the 7-Series and after that it will probably be fitted to the more affordable models in BMW’s lineup.

While some will say that it is great, others will disapprove as it takes the fun out of driving. I for one will always prefer a manual gearbox, but if I had to get an automatic one, this would probably be it.

Source: BMW via Autoblog

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