BMW X5 M flips due to snow in mountain resort

You would think that with such a large and heavy car like the BMW X5 M, with its wide stance and all-wheel drive system, would have no trouble on a snowy road.

But not for this driver at least, which managed to flip the steroid-enhanced Bavarian behemoth on a road to a mountain resort in Europe. It seems that due to black ice, he hit a guard rail which apparently turned the big old SUV on its back.

Other details are scarce, but it’s not everyday that you see such a thing. Luckily the car protected its inhabitants, which came out with just a scare.

Source: GTSpirit via Automarket

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Comments (2)

  • intensive driving says:

    My guess is that the driver was using a bit too much of the M power and not enough brain power!

  • Car News and Reviews says:

    Why oh why do such cars get driven by such people?

    I could not believed this if I wouldn’t see it. Good find.

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