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BMW Z2 In The Works?

BMW Z2 (Rendering)

According to our colleges from Auto Bild, BMW is working on the Z2 roadster which should be out sometime in 2014, although nothing is set in stone at the moment. Reports say that the Z2 will not be developed as a baby Z4 and it will feature its own DNA, We might expect to see some significant design upgrades to the Z4 in order to make room for its smaller brother, the Z2.

BMW Z2 (Rendering)

Expect to see a lot of turbocharged 2.0-liter engines, which will probably make their way into Z2 variants like the 16i, 20i and the 28i, with horsepower figures between 160 hp (163 PS / 120 kW) and 268 hp (272 PS / 200 kW). Another possibility is that these output levels will be available from the company’s 1.6-liter turbo unit.

The estimated price for the entry-level model is 33,000 Euros.

Source: Auto Bild via WCF

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