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BMW’s New Lighting Tech

BMW has recently announced that it will start using two new lighting technologies on its cars:

1. “BMW Dynamic Light Spot”: a system with infrared sensor which detects animals or people at 328 feet (the equivalent of 100 meters) in front of the vehicle. Whenever something is detected on the road, a beam of light focuses on the object and alerts the driver.
2. “Glare-free high beam assistant”: a system that is meant to increase safety by preventing glare. It uses a camera which locates the oncoming vehicles and then “adjusts” the headlights, even if the high beam has been already switched on.
In addition to those technologies, BMW has also worked to an optional full-LED headlight, debuting in the new BMW 6 Series Coupé.

By using this lighting technology, BMW increases considerably the safety for night driving. Apparently, the DLS will be included in the Night Vision package.

What is your opinion about BMW’s new lighting technology?

[Source: Worldcarfans, Photo]

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