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Boucher Chevrolet


As you all know Chevrolet is one of the top brands in America. Being subsidiary to the General Motors franchise, it made history with some of the top rated and loved cars in America. I mean you’d have to be from out of this world to never hear of the Chevrolet Corvette or the Chevrolet Camaro. One of its biggest distributers is the Boucher Chevrolet.


Their website can be found at http://www.boucherchevrolet.com/HomePage and is one of the most fully equipped, complete and user friendly car distributing websites. It’s divided in a couple of sections and a menu. One section contains a preview mode with photos of each Chevrolet model that has been launched in 2011. You can select the display according to the type of car you want to see: cars, SUVs, trucks or vans. Clicking on each photo of a car will activate an interactive, animated menu that enables you to see more photos by section: exterior, interior, mechanical and the 360 degree vision of the exterior and interior which is very cool and surprisingly detailed.

Boucher Chevrolet

Another section is dedicated to getting online quotes. You have 2 options: the “Get a Quote” option which if clicked, will redirect you to an online form for you to complete in order to receive an online quote. And the other is a simple introduction which contains pertinent data about their company and other info about Chevrolet cars.


Yet the easiest way to access every section of the website is by working with the menu displayed on top. It contains a lot of options for you to navigate through, each having its own subsection. At Dealer info you have to Support option which is where you’ll want to head in case of trouble with the types of car you choose and other difficulties which are car related. You can get in contact with an employee that can help you with your every need.


In case you’re heading for something in particular, than enter the Departments section. Here you will find a list of all departments that compose Boucher Chevrolet. The Sales department is in charge of handling all the customer’s requests and ensuring the best quality service from demand till delivery. Here you can get price quote in no time, all you need to do is fill in the Quick Quote Form.


The Service Department is the one in charge of providing automotive service to Chevrolet customers. There you can use the Schedule Service option to set up an appointment so that they can take a look at your car, diagnose it and repair it.


The Parts Department is where you’ll want to head to in case you’re in need of quality manufacturer recommended parts. These will be the same quality and bear the same specifications as the ones you’ve originally had installed in your car. Once again, with a simple click you can get all the parts you need, all you have to do is offer a couple of specs about your vehicle, and of course, contact information so that they know where to ship the parts.


The Vehicles section contains all the necessary search engines to make your job easier. You are able to search for new or used cars and have at your disposal a couple of filters to narrow down the search, helping you locate the vehicle you’re interested in. If you simply feel like browsing around, than you should definitely head for the incentives section which contains some of the best deals on cars from Chevrolet, thus creating one of the best offers on the market.


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