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Brabus 800 E V12 Cabriolet Unleashed

BRABUS 800 E V12 Cabriolet

The tuners from Brabus have done it again. Their latest project is based on the Mercedes E-Class Convertible and comes with a massive V12 6.3-liter engine that produces 788 hp (800 PS / 588 kW) and an electronically limited torque of 811 lb.-ft (1,110 Nm).

BRABUS 800 E V12 Cabriolet

With such power available under the hood, the car needs only 3.7 seconds for the 0-100 km/h sprint; 9.9 seconds for 0-200 km/h and it hits 300 km/h from start in 23.9 seconds, on its way to a remarkable top speed of 370 km/h (231 mph),  making it without any doubt the fastest cabrio out there.

BRABUS 800 E V12 Cabriolet

Design-wise, this E-class Cabriolet from Brabus comes with a new aerodynamic bodykit made out of carbon fiber, 19-inch rims and a lowered sports suspension. Inside the cabin, they’ve installed a new sport steering wheel, a speedometer that goes all the way up to 400 km/h (250 mph) and a carbon fiber trim.

BRABUS 800 E V12 Cabriolet

You can order one right now from Brabus but prepare to pay at least $681,200 (478,000 Euros).

Source: Brabus via WCF

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