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Buick planning coupe model to attract young people

Buick wasn’t going through the best of times until 2009, but even though its parent company GM saw a very bad year, the Tri-Shield brand managed to come out winning, with the new LaCrosse and the promise of a very interesting Regal model.

These new cars are slowly but surely shifting the image of the brand from your grandfather’s favorite, to something younger people would actually consider (how ’bout that Regal GS?). Now, it seems that the company’s director of design, John Cafaro, wants to hurry up this process, and is thinking about a coupe model, to really score some points with the “cool kids”.

He revealed this in an interview with Automotive News, where he says that new Buick models need to have more personality, as to strike a chord with newer audiences. Even though he declined to say that such a model is in development, the fact that the new Oshawa plant, where the Regal will be made will also manufacture convertible Chevrolet Camaro models, makes a Buick coupe feasible at least in terms of production.

What do you think about such a new model? Would it further attract new people to the Tri-Shield brand? Leave your thoughts below.

Source: Automotive News via Autoblog

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