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Buy Britax Car Seats

If you are the parent of a child and you are concerned about his safety, you should consider buying, not just any car seat, but a Britax car seat. This is a great and safe choice no matter if your child is an infant or a toddler. You should also know that there aren’t many brands that offer child seats compatible with almost any car makes and models available on the market, but Britax is one of them.

One reason why you should buy a Britax car seat is that many studies have shown that this is a car seat designed to protect the child of any grave injury even during serious impacts. The only thing you need to do is to be willing to make the investment and always use it properly. This is the result of more than 35 years of experience in the field that have been focused on providing better safety for children involved in car accidents. Because of these years of research and because of some innovative minds, the Britax car seats have been able to save during these years thousands of lives.

What most people appreciate about Britax car seats is their quality. You are not buying only a good looking, attractive car seat for your child, but also a car seat equipped with the latest safety features available on the market. The seats are also easy to use and adjustable. Most of the models available can be used for a 9-month child until he/she is almost 4 years old. This is definitely a cost-effective product.

An example of a Britax car seat you can buy is the Britax Boulevard CS model. It also comes available with a Click & Safe audible that lets you know when the harness is tight enough, for an extra $20-30. It can be used for children who weigh between 5-35 lbs. (rear-facing usage) and 65 lbs. (forward-facing usage). Many of its features are similar to those offered by the original Britax Boulevard car seat and include the head wings that offer great protection in case of a side impact and the adjustable harness (the harness height varies between 10.5 inches and 16 inches). The biggest difference between the original Boulevard car seat and the CS version is represented by the Click & Safe system I already mentioned. This system is meant to help parents determine when the harness is tight enough to offer their child the best protection possible.

The best feature of the Britax Boulevard CS car seat is related to the head wings that for this version were placed wider apart with the purpose of increasing the child’s level of comfort. Another update is the click that you now hear when you’re done buckling each one of the sides. Earlier versions offered only one click when the user was done buckling the second part. In addition, the installation with a seatbelt is made easier by the built-in lockoffs. The job becomes even easier if you are interested in using LATCh connectors for the installation. On amazon.com, you can find this type of car seat listed for $309.96, a price that includes a 6% discount.

The Britax car seats are the safest products on the market and their most important advantage is that you can use them for almost 6 years, because of the technologies used. If you have a smaller budget available and you aren’t interested in the Click & Safe system, but you are found of the features offered by these cars seats, you can choose a less expensive model, the Britax Marathon model.

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