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Why Buy Used Car

Nowadays most of us are fighting a loosing battle against a budget that unfortunately keeps decreasing. To make matters even worse, the cars that we own are getting old fast so when the time comes for a change, we always face the same dilemma: new car or used. Can you afford a new car, what kind it should be, would a used car be better and so on. Well, if you’re going for a used car than you’ve made the right decision. You can acquire a car that it’s as good, or in some cases even better than a new car, without having to deal with the massive depreciation suffered by the car. As you probably know, the price of a new car drops somewhere around $1000, the instant you exit the driveway. Think about it, even a car that is only 1 year old is about 25 – 30% cheaper than a new one. Not to mention the enormous set of advantages of getting a used car.

First of all, you will save a lot of money on insurance. And you can find yourself owning a very reliable car for a decent price. If you look hard enough, you may even find some that still have their factory warranties active. The majority of manufacturers currently commercialize decent used cars that come with warranty and are known as certified used cars. If until now, checking a used car’s history was a grueling process of paperwork and travelling from one place to another, now by simply knowing the vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number), you can acquire the entire history report in a matter of minutes. You have the advantage of having the possibility to purchase the car from a private party, which besides the fact that it’s a lot less stressful, you won’t have to deal with annoying car dealers that don’t seem to know when to quit.

Used Car

When the car buying process starts, usually people have a general idea about the car they want. This is a very good thing because it means that you have a target. It’s also a good idea to stop right there and answer yourself this question: do I have enough money to pay for this car? Or will it fit into my monthly expenses? Afterwards you need to know how to find out if the car you picked is the best idea. In the meantime don’t loose your head and pick the ultimate sports car, instead think of your necessities and pick a car that would meet them.

It may be required to expand your search horizon a bit, when you’re seriously considering what car to buy. You need to do that because until you start snooping around, you won’t know how the market stands in your area. A good idea is to pick three cars that are similar in proprieties, features, engine size, mileage etc. Once you have this settled you can branch out your search while keeping a good heading. For example let’s say that you’re going for a Toyota Camry. Well in the same time you might consider the Chevrolet Malibu or the Honda Accord. These cars are placed in the same market segment, but they vary in features and, naturally prices. You might realize that the car you initially picked may not have been the best choice.

Always keep in mind that in spite of the extra years, used cars will always be more affordable compared do new ones. Got $10000? Chevrolet Malibu or Audi A6? Which one do you think will hold you more?

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