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Taking our current times into consideration, having a single job with a single income might not cut it when it comes to raising family, so people tend to construct small businesses to keep “around the house” while they continue to work. Some of the most popular and profitable businesses is the simple yet popular car wash. It doesn’t take much to equip one and you’ll be having a lot of interested customers if you do a good job and have reasonable prices. If you’re interested in starting your very own car wash business there are some things you can establish.

First you’re going to need a place. If you’re currently employed and wish to keep working as well, you will have to find a car wash that is located near your home, or near the workplace, or somewhere in between. The road to the car wash shouldn’t exceed 20 minutes since you’ll want to head there just about every day. If you think you can find a trustworthy attendant, than you can widen the perimeter around your home or workplace.

If your home is in an urban or suburban area, than, a simple software such as Google Maps is your best friend when you’ll establish a place for your car wash. You can easily check all the other car washes and their location so that you’ll know what “you’re up against”. The ideal place is the one as close to your home as possible but as far from any other car wash as possible so that you can reduce the competition to a minimum.

Accurate records are your allies so have them close by. Gather and keep information about the types of services used at other car washes, get tabs about the prices and other pertinent data that could help you make the bigger better offer. Try your best to get a few photos from each car wash you visit. It will be of great use to you when arranging your own place.

Ok now that we’re done with the research part, let’s get down to business.

What is considered the best way (yet not necessarily the fastest) to find a car wash for sale is simply approaching the owner. Simply head to a car wash that is known to want to sell and ask for the owner. If you don’t find some contact details such as an owner’s phone number or address, than you can have a little discussion with the attendant or the manager to find out some of the technical characteristics of the car wash.

Another great source of finding a complete car is through the chemical suppliers located in your area. A good place to start is in the yellow pages under Car Washing and Polishing. Another idea is to call the chemical supply company. There you can speak with the individual that currently owns the area where you plan on purchasing the car wash.

You could always head to the library and have a snoop through the Sunday paper. Any business such as a car wash for sale will be crossed under Business Opportunity section or the Business For Sale section. Remember that it’s not necessary to start with last week’s paper. You can head up to 12 months ago and check out all the ads that catch your eye. Of course, this is a time consuming effort but it can pay off since, first of all, you can more than once at the library and have a look, and you find out about every car wash placed up for sale.

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