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Can you buy cars on Groupon? Now you can

Groupon is aiming for the big league! If just yesterday you were buying coupons for cat litter or discounts for your manicure, well, soon you might be able to buy some windows for your next house or even a helicopter.

How do I know this? Well, this week Groupon offered its first discount ever for a car. For $199 you could buy $500′s worth for the purchase or leasing a vehicle. Of course, the deal was available for a single location, namely LaFontaine Auto in Detroit.

Now, we’re not sure about this move, because there’s always a “what if?” factor included. Not that it’s a hoax or a scam, but the pricing of a car also depends on the seller and you don’t always know what the fixed cost is. So, it could be something just to lure innocent potential buyers in.

We’re very curious of what you think about this. Would you buy such a discount? Do you think it’s the first of many to come?

Source: Autoblog.

One Response to Can you buy cars on Groupon? Now you can

  1. James Hind says:

    Sounds like they’ll just be hiking the price of the car up anyway. I’m sure if you went in as a normal buyer you’d get the same saving.

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