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Nowadays, many people are passionate about driving and collecting RC cars. There are enthusiasts who travel all around the world to be part of RC car races or to find other amazing RC cars that deserve to be part of their collection. In addition, in the past few years RC racing has become more than a simple hobby because many competitions offer, to those who participate, substantial cash prizes and sometimes even innovations.

If you are interested in buying RC cars you should do some research and find out more details about this remote control car in order to be able to make a decision. I think that it’s better if you start by purchasing the smallest and cheapest RC for children and afterwards you can move on to buying more performance RC cars. The most inexpensive RC cars available on the market are those manufactured by Nikko. This company manufactures RC cars with a size of 1/10 which is the best size for outdoor use while the 1/20 size is perfect for indoor use. Most of the toy RC cars are equipped with a battery pack and a charger. They are ready to be used immediately after you purchase them.

RC car

Other companies that manufacture inexpensive and high quality toy RC cars are Tyco and Radio Shack. If these RC cars have become the object of your hobby you should try to find high quality RC cars at first small and affordable and then more performance, because some can even achieve 40 mph. You should also keep in mind to make sure you can easily find high quality replacement components for the RC car you choose. The process can be a little bit difficult because there are manufacturers who don’t follow the international quality rules, therefore not every part will fit.

It’s also difficult to find a trustworthy seller from which to purchase a RC, not only to find the right replacement parts. This problem can be solved by purchasing RC cars and accessories through a web based seller. The main advantage of choosing this option is that it allows you to check and find out more information about the background of the seller in advance. You can do this by reviewing the comments of previous buyers that had products delivered by that particular store. If you find out that the previous customers were satisfied with the products bought you should decide to do business with the same site. Otherwise, you can just decide to continue your search.

HPI Savage

I will also offer you some examples of RC cars and trucks that you should buy if you are passionate about these vehicles. If you love trucks, there are a lot of models available on the market including electric, monster, nitro and mini RC trucks. The most popular RC models are Traxxas T-Maxx which costs around $374.97 and HPI Savage (pictured) with a price that varies between $320 and $580. If you are a beginner you should buy an electric RC car because it’s much easier to control and maintain. Nowadays, the best electric RC cars are Formula 10, HPI Sprint 2 Flux, Tamiya M05 and F104. If you love racing or playing indoors and you have a small space available for your hobby you should buy mini and micro RC cars. The most famous models are 1/18 HPI Micro RS4 and 1/28 Kyosho Mini-Z (the price varies between $100 and $152.95).

Once you can figure out all these details and you’re ready to make a final choice all it’s left to do is enjoy your purchase and, why not, even compete.

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