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Buying Rental Car From Avis

You need to know that buying a car that was used as a rental is not a bad idea, although most people will tell you that these vehicles have been driven aggressively and they are not in a good shape. Of course, there are such cases but most of the cars that used to belong to a rental company have been maintained and serviced so the risk of buying a lemon is reduced. One way to buy a rental car would be through Avis.

As most of you know, Avis is a rental car company and whenever time comes for them to purchase new cars, some of the previous models are replaced. Buying rental car from Avis can be exactly what you need as you won’t be spending a fortune and most of the cars are fairly new (1-2 years old). Although the odometer will read significantly more miles than a regular two year old car has, the company is known for being very meticulous when it comes down to maintaining the cars in the lot.

They sell these cars through their Avis Used Car Sales program and all of the vehicles have to undergo rigorous maintenance verification. They polish the cars in order to bring them a new shine, they remove any stains and/or dirt from the interior cabin and other similar things that make the cars look better.

Avis, along with other important car rental agencies put a great deal on maintaining their cars, especially if we take into consideration that there are some travelers who do not treat the rented vehicles as they treat their own cars. Some drive them roughly while others make a mess of the interior. These companies are very attentive with maintaining the cars because they certainly don’t want one to break down while the client is driving it.

Do your research before buying rental car from Avis to find out if the vehicle is worth the money before signing on the dotted line. Just like you were buying any other type of used car, it would be wise to get the vehicle’s full history report from CARFAX or AutoCheck.

These rental companies, including AVIS, are willing to negotiate the price tag of the car so before heading down to their offices you should do your homework and find out the real market value of the car that you want to buy. In addition, you will have to set a clear and reachable budget and practice your negotiation skills. If you are in the market for a newer vehicle with a higher mileage at a fair price, buying a rental car is the perfect choice for you.

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