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Cadillac Escalade tops the most stolen vehicles list, research says

A new research report has arrived from the Highway Loss Data Institute, showcasing the highest and lowers insurance claims for theft per vehicle.

As you might have guessed, thieves are mostly interested in big, luxury SUVs, with the Cadillac Escalade topping the most stolen vehicles list. According to the HLDI, insurance companies were forced to pay $146 per each Escalade insured last year, due to theft loss. In simpler terms, around 10.8 Cadillac SUVs were stolen per each 1,000 insured.

How do thieves get past things like OnStar or other security measures? Simple, by putting the SUV on a flatbed and driving off.

Other vehicles with high theft claims include the Ford F-250 Crew pickup truck, as well as the Infiniti G37 or the HEMI-equipped Dodge Charger.

On the other end of the list, the car with the least theft claims is the Volvo S80 limousine. Other safe vehicles include the Saturn VUE, the Nissan Murano or the Toyota Prius.

As a last bit of warning, the HDLI says that people should avoid big, luxury SUVs as well as pickup trucks, no matter how many security systems they have.

Source HDLI via Autoblog


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