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Cadillac’s Connected-Car Solution

The long-awaited connected car system from Cadillac was announced yesterday during the CTIA mobile technology conference in San Diego. The result: the in-dash entertainment control system impressed by its combination of style and automotive applied science.

So, let’s have a look on its features:

  • CUE (coming from “Cadillac User Experience”) uses an 8-inch touch-based LCD interface.
  • Minimalist concept of the application menu screens.
  • User-experience: the radio and entertainment controls are reduced to only four buttons. The buttons are haptic-feedback enabled: translated in English, this means that a pulse of vibration lets you know whenever a button is activated.
  • Whenever the driver does not use the app menu, the screen remains mostly uncluttered; this minimizes driver’s distraction from the road.
  • Sensors were used to detect the finger approach, so that more icons to appear on the screen when using the device.
  • Smartphones, Bluetooth, USB and other devices can be connected to the in-dash system.

As further plans, producers’ intend to open the system up to interaction with applications created by third-party developers. If you are already enthusiastic about the system, you should be patient, as CUE will be first installed on Cadillac’s 2012 XTS, ATS, SRX models.

“Within 12 months, you’ll see this in every refreshed Cadillac we make,” said Micky Bly, executive director of global information systems.

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[Source: Autoblog]

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