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Campaign for Volkswagen Tiguan – not so woman-friendly

Last week, Volkswagen has launched the first commercial campaign for the 2012 Tiguan and it’s not actually using a woman-friendly idea. The argument for that is that the man that drives the car with three women in it doesn’t have a friendly and tolerable attitude towards them and their talking after their busy shopping day.

Actually, it’s a mutual disapproval of their concerns and gives the idea that VW Tiguan is the perfect solution to make silence, to take revenge on their continuous chatter and to show them who is in control of that car.

Volkswagen Tiguan Commercial:

After seeing the commercial we cannot imagine a woman even to consider buying the car, as its creative concept is slightly insulting to women. However, Volkswagen claims the ad only shows the flexibility and off-road capabilities of their Tiguan SUV. This model comes in two versions, Sport & Style for urban driving and Track & Style for off-road driving, petrol and diesel.

What is your opinion about this commercial: should women feel insulted?

[Source: Zercustom]

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