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Canada Sell Used Car

No matter the country where they live, people try to become car owners out of necessity and sometimes their only option is to look for a used one. Like anywhere else around the globe, people sell used cars in Canada. And if they want to quickly sell the car they own, they will try to advertise it on websites that specialize in helping people sell their cars (if they want a private sale) or they will sell it to a dealership.

Apart from taking care of the necessary advertising, when you sell a car in Canada you will also have to do it legally by being aware of the law that applies in this country. That’s important especially if you plan on selling your car privately in order to get a better price. If that’s the case, you should request more details about the Canadian laws that regulate the process from the Registry of Motor Vehicles in the area you live. In addition, just like in the USA where people live in different states by different rules, in Canada people live in different provinces that also have slightly different laws. Another aspect is related to the price you will set for the car. That price will also influence the sales tax you will have to pay, so you should check the Canadian Red Book and come up with a realistic price point. After all, as a seller you may want to sell the car rapidly and in the same time you are the one paying the sales tax.

You will also have to prepare the car for sale in order to make it attractive for a potential buyer. You should clean it, remove the personal items from its inside, and fix any minor or major problem the car may have in order to be able to get a better price. You should also get ready to provide details about the car’s condition. It’s best to have the vehicle’s history and proof of the repairs you’ve made in order to make the buyer confident about his purchase.

Even if you are selling a used car in Canada, you should still think about online advertising, because websites like eBay Motors which operate in the USA also have Canadian subsidiaries. It would be a pity to waste such an opportunity. Don’t forget about more traditional methods either, because apparently those are quite popular in Canada. So, you should take advantage of the local newspaper and the bulletin boards in the community. You will be surprised of the results. When you prepare the content of your ad you should be careful and try to highlight the most impressive features of the car.

Once you find the buyer, the only thing left to do is fill the necessary paperwork. In Canada that means you will have to fill two sections that are part of the Certificate of Registration. Both the seller and the buyer will have to sign the document and after you fill the Notice of Sale as well, you should go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and make the transaction official. You may also have to sign some additional forms, but that depends on your province of residence.

One last detail involves the car’s tags. You should remove those before you hand over the car to the buyer. As in the USA you get to keep the tags and use it for registering another car or if you don’t need them anymore you should return them to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. It’s easy to sell a used car in Canada.

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