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Car Classic Company Insurance


Owning a valuable classic car can be one of the greatest perks ever. Considering current society rules, automatically you are placed within a group of people that really care about cars and automatically meeting others that share your passion. With a classic car like that you simply cannot take any chances. Since others think like you, and know the real value of a classic, they have founded specialized insurance companies destined only for classic cars. They will do their best to make sure nothing happens with your car while you’re under their care.


American Hobbyist Insurance is one of those companies formed exclusively of classic car lovers and specialists. They know and value the love a classic car enthusiast has for his car. That is why they direct and dedicate their work in serving the most exclusive car section on the market: classic cars and the best drivers that carry them on the road for our delight.


Their company is underwritten by the American Reliable Insurance Company in no less than 44 states, that’s almost the entire USA continent. The only states this insurance company does not have coverage are: Hawaii, Kentucky, Virginia, Alaska, Oklahoma and Massachusetts. And there is a restriction in California where the American Hobbyist Insurance can be bought only by auto club members. They offer just about the best classic car insurance packets available on the market. This includes an option called Agreed Value Coverage which means that something bad happens and the car is completely totaled, the insurance company will pay you the full insured value which you insured the vehicle for.


Car Classic Company Insurance

Another great offer is the inflation guard which basically means that the value of your vehicle will increase by 2% per quarter and with no additional cost. A good extra is the spare parts coverage existent in their policy that goes up to $500. Emergency road assistance that comes with the complete towing service, which means that when you call, they come to the “rescue” no matter where you are in the United States. Some other offers include locksmith services and an automatic 30 coverage for each additional car you add to the insurance policy.


The single liability charge per car set, and very low insurance rates makes American Hobbyist one of the best insurance companies on the market. Getting a quote from them is about as easy as turning on your computer. You need to progress through 5 simple steps which will take you less than 5 minutes to complete and you will be receiving the quote in record time.


You have to meet some requirements if you want to benefit from their services. One of them is having more than 10 years of driving experience and a maximum of one at fault accident in the last three years. Like I said before, they care about the cars very much and will not insure someone that doesn’t care about classics as much as they do.


They include in their program a wide array if classic cars of all models and manufacturers starting from limited production vehicles and custom vehicles to vehicles that are currently being restored. Another requirement that’s vehicle related is the fact that each classic car must be placed in a garage when it’s not driven. They also offer coverage for car kits or replicas, no matter if they were factory assembled, professionally or home made. So to sum it up you have to understand that no coverage will be offered if the car’s not garaged or you’ve got a bad driving record.

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