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Car Features That Women Like

Women drivers are somehow different of men drivers, especially when it comes to car features that arouse their interest. This is why car makers constantly try to come up with specific features which to meet their needs. Apparently, women are more interested in functionality and comfort of their cars than men are.

So, here is the list of some car features that women generally like:
- electric pedal extenders: which help shorter stature drivers to seat at the right distance from the steering wheel, so that the airbags to deploy properly.
- gentler liftgate: in order to avoid injuries on the chin or nose when opening or closing the liftgate.
- adjustable seats: for any size and weights.
- interior materials and textures of higher quality: women have the quality to feel the quality by only casting an eye on the fabric, not to mention by touching it.
- buttons, knobs, levers and handles: every woman has sensitive small hands, with long nails, so they need special car accessories.
- longer intervals between mechanical service and better reliability: as every woman hates taking her car to have it checked.
- package holders for shopping: women are shopping more often than men.
- removable and fold-flat seats: for make the vehicle proper, for example, for child carrying.
- climate control: in order to create comfort for each passenger.
- dual radio, stereo and CD systems: for women with children, who don’t care to hear children songs over and over again.

So, what would you add to this list? Which is the car feature that you like most?

[Source: Newcarbuyingguide, Photo]

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