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Car Lease Hybrid

Hybrid cars are the new focus of car manufacturers and car buyers because they are meant to offer an option that involves a less expensive fuel and a lower level of pollution. It is the perfect combination. The only problem is the higher price of these cars that leaves people wishing. Fortunately a solution became available because car leasing companies have decided to offer their clients the possibility to opt for hybrid car leases.

You may wonder what a hybrid car is or why is it a car so wanted and so expensive at the same time. Let’s provide some answers. A hybrid car is a vehicle that combines the power of an internal combustion engine with the power that can be provided by an electric battery with the help of an electric motor. Taken this into consideration, a hybrid car is a must have car because it’s the most fuel efficient car that can help you save money monthly and in the same time can assure you that less harmful emission are released in the air.

While making sure there will be a future for our children you will also take advantage of tax benefits that are predictable when you invest in a hybrid car. It’s the government’s way to encourage people to invest in such cars. The value of this tax rebate can go up to $1000 and even $5000 in New York. Also, in states like California there is no parking fee for hybrid cars.

I’m sure you are interested in the pricing as well. The lease rates you should expect to pay for a hybrid sedan vary depending on the dealership that is offering the agreement as well as on the type of car you are about to lease. The only way to get the best deal possible is to compare the lease offers on the market by using websites like autotrader.com. For example, if you decide to lease a hybrid Honda CR-V by signing a 36 month lease agreement you should prepare yourself to pay around $200 or $300 a month. If you want to lease a luxury hybrid you should expect to pay around $500 a month, but before signing a contract you should check out at least 5 different dealerships.

The best hybrid car leases on the market are offered by Toyota. In fact, in April 2011 one of the best lease deals available was that for a Toyota hybrid car, the Camry hybrid. It was available for anyone interested as a 36 month hybrid car lease as long as you had enough savings to cover the $2499 down payment and enough monthly income to cover a monthly payment of $249. That was possible because of a LVR (Lease Value Ratio) of 1.03%. Another April 2011 excellent lease deal you shouldn’t have missed and that involved a hybrid car is that for the Honda Civic hybrid. This was considered the best lease deal of the month because it was available as long as you agreed to sign a 35 month hybrid car lease that required no down payment and a monthly payment of only $260. The LVR was of 1.02%.

What you should keep in mind is that out there you will find great deals for hybrid cars and you will enjoy the benefits of such a car even if you can’t afford to buy one. There’s nothing stopping you! In addition, as the technology used to manufacture these cars develops, the prices will gradually be lowered, offering all of us the possibility to preserve the environment by making a smart choice.


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