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Car Lease Review

Allstate Leasing is a company that offers competitive deals on the leased cars market. As many other insurance companies they have implemented the door-to-door system in all 50 states. They also offer you help in finding the car you are looking for though they lack some optional features that other companies on the market have chosen to offer such as the GAP insurance or the possibility to trade in your car.

The reviewers were most impressed by how easy is to get a free quote from this company and also by some sales representatives that were very helpful. But the main categories that were inspected are features, ease of use, costs associated with leasing a car and quality of the help/support provided.

When it comes to features the reviewers considered they still lack the final touches though the company offers its service in all 50 states and the option to build your own car. But the many different types of vehicles they offer for leasing compensate for those details. The Allstate car lease reviewers noticed that the cars available for leasing ranged from town cars to SUVs and even exotic sports cars. In addition, they also give you the option of becoming the long term owner of the car you leased when the contract expires.

Allstate Leasing

The ease of use section could also use some improvement according to the Allstate car lease review, because although the company offers door-to-door deliver, free quotes and some articles designed to educate their clients about leasing, these options aren’t as well put together as the ones from other top companies. Also, even if the FAQ sections was the most helpful information section for their clients, the leasing calculator was an excellent idea, because it helps people who want to lease a car find out what they can afford and what are the costs and payments involved. In fact, Allstate is one of the few companies that offer this option.

If you plan to lease a car, you should know that the Allstate car lease review considers that this company offers great options in order to reduce your expenses. Some fees avoidable: the ones involved by wear and tear, extra mileage or by the desire to end the contract before the established date. The mandatory expenses include an initial down payment and a possible security deposit. You should also consider taking good care of the car, because you are also responsible for all the necessary repairs, because otherwise you will have to pay for an expensive hefty fine.

When it comes to mileage, the Allstate car insurance company will fine you if you exceed the established mileage. Usually the limit is between 12,000 and 15,000 miles a year, but you have the possibility to increase that number if you are willing to pay for higher rates. It’s all up to you and your needs.

When it comes to the help/support section, the Allstate car lease reviewers considered that the company is easy to contact by phone or by email as long as you address you requests to their regional offices in Atlanta, Dallas and Richmond. The FAQ section is another feature pretty useful, but if you want more details you should go for the calling option.

The conclusion of the 2011 review is that Allstate Leasing is a competitive insurance company that tries to provide you with as many facilities as possible. They offer fleet leasing and the tracking down facility, while the customer support is satisfying in general, but it can be improved.


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