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Car Makers Join the Hydrogen Alliance

Oil powers just about everything today, either in one form or another, meaning that when it will run out, things aren’t going to be very pretty for all of mankind. That is why plenty of companies, especially car makers, are trying to find new and innovative ways to power their models.

We’ve seen electric hybrids or fully autonomous plug-in electric cars, but one of the most interesting ways to power a car is by through the hydrogen fuel cell. We’ve seen some innovative concepts, like the Honda FCX Clarity pictured above, but it now seems that steps are being taken so that hydrogen-powered cars can become a viable option for many auto fans, as eight of the most important manufacturers in the world have joined up and formed the Hydrogen Alliance.

Constituted by Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Renault-Nissan and Toyota, this alliance will collaborate in terms of developing technologies so that hydrogen-powered cars will become something profitable. The alliance has set the year 2015 as the starting point for a mass release of cars that will be powered by hydrogen.

But one of the most important things that this alliance will do is to lobby governments from various countries in order to development a worldwide network of fueling stations in order for people to fill up their new cars and prevent them from running out of fuel just when you least expected. We’ve already seen parts of this network pop up in California for example, but there is plenty of work ahead both for governments and for the car-makers in order to create something worthwhile.

You can be sure that large industry centers and cities will be the first to benefit from this new initiative, as the alliance has already revealed that plans are already made for certain sections of Europe, especially Germany, and span to both the United States and Asia, where South Korea and Japan being the most important.

Overall, I think that this is something that should really be supported by governments. We have seen plenty of good ideas, but because the infrastructure couldn’t support it, they became obsolete.

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