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If you want your car to turn heads and drop jaws, then consider getting your hands on a 2011 model. Many of this year’s releases are already on stand-by just waiting to be driven out, or at least available for preorder. Brand new designs and upgrades that most people haven’t even seen or heard about, may turn your car in a big hit amongst friends and known-ones. Manufacturers are already working their hats off, to get people excited and into the showrooms to gaze upon the latest and most exclusive releases of 2011.

One of the most anticipated releases of the year is the Ford Fiesta. Early drive tests definitely show promise, in fact when pressed to the limits the Fiesta exceeds all expectations and thereby gains the highest Overall Score ever (9.6  out of 10) ranked at the top of most Affordable Small Car.

How did it come to such success? Easily, because it possesses something most small cars do not, a comfortable upscale cabin and features very rarely seen in its car class. Features like: heated seats or the Ford’s SYNC system and a driver’s knee airbag ensuring as much protection as possible. On top of it all, is as fuel efficient as a hybrid and not as nearly as expensive costing only: $13,320.

Completely redesigned, the 2011 Hyundai Sonata is probably the most unique looking of all mid size sedans. But that’s not the only reason it captures the attention. The sonata is estimated as one of the cheapest cars in the mid size section. Adding another delightful feature, it continues to carry one of the longest powertrain warranties, ensuring the clients that no matter what problem may appear with it, they are not left without compensation. The standard features alone are impressive: XM satellite radio and Bluetooth connector.

The only downside it’s placed on the little four cylinder engine, knowing that nearly every car in this class is equipped with a V6. Yet there is a silver-lining as well since the car is so light, it still delivers enough power to be satisfactory and in the same time it’s the most fuel efficient non hybrid car of its class with a starting price of $19,195.

This car will definitely shape up the SUV market the 2011 Kia Sorento no longer a part of the truck based platforms, is now one of the most cool looking and comfortable riding SUVs currently on the market. This compact and powerful SUV is even giving the class leader, the Toyota RAV4 a very hard time. The Sorento may be equipped with an optional third row seat, feat that is very rare in this class. Impressive standard features like Bluetooth equip this fine looking model, making it efficient as well as comfortable.

Kia has an estimate fuel feed of 21/29 mpg city/highway which may seem preety average for the class, but it fares quite well considering its design is able to accomodate up to 7 passengers comfortably. An impressive feat for only : $22,395.

Other cars that have made top interests are the Nissan Leaf with a starting price of $32,780 and the 2011 Infinity M with a high starting price of $46,250

High tech, looks, comfort, and performance, that’s what it’s all about.

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