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Car Shipping Discount

Car Shipping Discount
A discount is always welcome, no matter what you are paying for. If you buy a car you look for incentives and discounts, if you purchase car insurance you look for bonuses and discounts, if you lease a car you look for the best offers with low interest rate and discounts and of course, if you need to ship your car to a far away destination you should also look for car shipping discounts and season offers.

So, if you have ever wondered if you have any chance to receive any discount when you ship your car, let me tell you that you can as long as you play your cards right. The amount of discount and the conditions in which the discounts apply vary from car shipping company to car shipping company but some of the rules remain the same. For example, one type of car shipping discount commonly offered is that for shipping multiple cars. It usually represents 10% or 5% of the car shipping cost and is very advantageous for car dealers or classic car collectors that want to display more than one car during a classic car show.

Another car shipping discount you might easily be able to be eligible for is the one offered for those who book their shipment early. The amount of discount usually represents a few percentages of the total cost. Some car shipping companies also offer discounts for those who use their services frequently. So, if you need car shipping often it would be a good idea to find a reliable company and hire it for all your future shipments. There are also two other types of car shipping discounts that apply in more specific conditions. I’m talking about the military discounts meant for those who serve their country and about the discounts involved by college car shipping. So, if you fall in either category you should use that to your advantage.

The type of car shipping you choose can also be a source of discounts because for the terminal-to-terminal shipping, many companies are willing to reduce a little the price. In addition, if you decide to ship your car during the winter months and on a route that they regularly cover, a car shipping discount will become available. You can make yourself eligible for a discount also by taking advantage of the companies that offer car shipping discounts for those who are members of an organization like the American Automobile Association (AAA) or other auto clubs.

So, if you want to save money on your car shipment and you want to benefit from as many discounts as possible, you should consider the following steps. First of all you should consider getting as many quotes as possible from different car shipping companies. To get some help, you can use websites like auto-car-transport.com or MonsterMoving.com which will gather quotes from more than one shipping company. You can also search for the companies that are currently offering special promotions on their services and get more details. Next, you should consider using the same shipper for more than one time in order to benefit from the discount I mentioned before and plan ahead for the purpose of becoming eligible for the booking early discount. That’s because you will be giving them time to use a hauling truck for your car’s shipment. Once you decide upon a car shipping company, mention all the particular features of your shipment that might provide a discount and feel free to negotiate the price a bit. In the end, the price can only go down or remain unchanged.

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