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Car Shipping From Uk To Us

Car shipping is important especially when you relocate from one continent to another and you want to take your car with you. Usually, car shipping companies that offer their clients car shipping form UK to US, offer you the possibility to ship the car in a container or not. The main difference between these two options that has a big influence on any client’s decision is the cost. A container car shipment has a price tag of around $6,600 while if you don’t show interest in a container you should expect a bill of only $1,200. In the second case the risks of damaging the car are higher. The non-container option is also known as RORO – “roll off, roll on”. The price point I indicated for the RORO option does not include insurance which usually represents 1.5% of the car’s market value.

If the difference in price between the RORO and the container option isn’t that high, I suggest you to opt for the second possibility because with RORO you can get your car scratched or risk being the subject of theft. There have been cases when people discovered their license plate disappeared during shipment or other situations like that. Before choosing a certain car shipping company that offers its services on the route between the UK and the US, you should check out multiple companies by requesting online the free quotes they offer. Some examples of companies that could help you and have had good reviews from their clients are Vantage International Shipping and Allworld Removals.
Car Shipping From UK To US
Once you figure out these details it’s time to prepare the car for the car shipping from UK to US. First of all, the gas tank must be filled exactly with a quarter gallon of petrol, no more and no less because any positive or negative difference will result in an extra charge. You should also be ready to provide the car’s title in original or the certificate of origin in case the car is new and lacks the title. Considering that you will be requested to bring originals you should make copies for yourself. In addition, if you buy a new car in the US with the intention of immediately shipping it to the UK you might not have to pay US Sales Tax. It can prove hard to find a dealer willing to help you with that but if you take the time to ask around your effort will be repaid. An example of a dealer that might be able to help you is Quirk Ford.

Once the car is shipped and reaches its destination, you will have to go pick it up. When you pick it up make sure you have some cash in your pocket because the agent that takes care of the car’s roll off, of its storage and all the paperwork might request an additional fee. For example, if you would be shipping the car from the US to the UK you would have to be prepared to pay around £40.

Insurance is also important. Don’t just hope everything will go as you expect. Accidents do happen and paying 1.5% of the car’s market value to make sure you’re covered it’s not such a big sacrifice. You can even consider protecting the car yourself by covering the inside in plastic so that the seats, the steering wheel don’t get dirty. Taxes are also of the essence. You will have to pay 17.5% tax and also a customs duty of 10% if you can’t prove you’ve owned the car for at least 6 months before shipping it.

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