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Cars we hate part 19 – from SEMA 2011

We’ve seen a lot of cool and interesting concepts at this year’s edition of SEMA, but there were also a few vehicles that looked simply ridiculous, including this convertible Porsche Panamera.

One of the other hideous vehicles is a yellow painted school bus Chrysler 300 pickup truck which has all the ingredients of a terrible car: oversized chrome rims, odd speaker housing and those scissor doors that only look cool on supercars, not a truck.

Here’s something odd, really odd – the Spiderman car. From what we can tell, this is a Toyota Celica that has a peculiar Spiderman theme that basically ruined what is a really cool car in its standard configuration. Why don’t they take some ugly cars, like the Nissan Juke for example, and work on them, leaving the cool cars alone.

We end with something rather spooky, the Mister Cartoon Ice Cream. This one looks like something taken out from a kid’s nightmare as it is a rather wildy-styled ice cream truck that is very sinister. The person who has done this is a graffiti and tattoo artist from Los Angeles by the name of Mark Machado (aka Mr. Cartoon).

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