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Cars We Hate Part 3 – Porsche Cayenne

2011 Porsche Cayenne

If this isn’t your first time on rpmGO you probably know that we are not big fans of the Porsche Cayenne. The reasons that we don’t like it are simple: it’s too big and too ugly. I never had the opportunity to drive one, but I’m sure it’s a pretty damn good car, just like all Porsches are.

2011 Porsche Cayenne

My main problem is with how it looks. You all know that Porsche’s designers are probably the laziest people in the world if we look back at the company’s previous models which all look almost identical. This time they really got it wrong with the Cayenne. It looks like a very fat 911 and has a very bulky appearance. Every time I look at it I think of a guy that a while ago was very fit and know he spends his evenings eating bonbons in front of the TV.

As far as the design of Porsche models, the only one that I like is the Cayman, although even that one looks pretty much the same with the rest of the automaker’s lineup.

I know Porsche cares much about tradition, but sooner or later they’ll have to change their designers. I might be wrong taking into consideration the success of the Cayenne or the Panamera, another ugly car. This is simply my opinion; feel free to disagree with me.

I have to admit that the new Cayenne looks a little bit better than the first generation, but it still resembles a lot with the 911. Another reason why I don’t like it because I’m not a big fan of SUVs, except for the Mercedes ML-Class, but this is just a matter of tastes.

What do you think about the design of the Porsche Cayenne? Good, bad or in between?

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