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Citroen Offers Ten 70+ mpg Models In UK

Citroen DS3 e-HDi 90 Airdream manual DStyle Plus

If you live in the United Kingdom and are looking for an economical car, you should know that Citroen offers ten models that offer a fuel economy rating of 70+ mpg. The smallest one you can get is the tiny and funky C-Zero city car but you can also opt for the new generation of the C4 hatchback.

The three latest models added to this green lineup are based on the C3 model. These come with second generation stop/start system and an e-HDI 90 micro-hybrid powertrain. One of these C3s has CO2 emissions of only 93 g/km while the other two have 98 g/km. Fuel economy for the first one is 78.5 mpg while the other two C3s manage to return 76.3 mpg.

The Citroen C3 HDi 70 manual VT has been updated by the French engineers who managed to reduce the CO2 emissions from the old 112 g/km to only 99 g/km, while at the same time improving fuel economy to 74.3 mpg in the combined cycle, better than the previous 65.7 mpg.

As far as the new C4 e-HDI 110 Airdream EGS6 VTR+ is concerned, it now rides on Michelin Energy Saver tires that have low rolling resistance. It also benefits from the all-new Aerodynamic Pack, managing to shave off CO2 emissions to only 98 g/km (from the previous 109 g/km), which is one of the lowest levels in this segment.

Source: Citroen via Next Green Car

Citroen DS4 Gets Price List In UK

Citroen DS4

The extremely beautiful Citroen DS4 has arrived in United Kingdom as the French automaker revealed the price list and is now accepting preorders. The first cars will be delivered at the beginning of next month and customers are able to choose from three trim levels: DSign, DStyle and the top-spec DSport. In addition, there are five engines available, all Euro 5 complaint and prices start from 18,150 pounds, while the most expensive model costs 23,950 pounds.

Citroen DS4

Speaking of engines, there are three gasoline 1.6-liter units that were co-developed with BMW: the entry-level VTi 120 HP, THP 155HP and the most powerful one available – THP 200HP. If you prefer diesels, you can choose either the HDi 110HP or the HDi 160HP.

The less powerful diesel is also available in an e-HDi configuration, along with the company’s micro-hybrid technology that sports a second stop/start system which is capable of increasing fuel economy by 15% while driving in the city and reduces the CO2 emissions to only 114 g/km.

Citroen DS4

As far as the e-HDI 110HP and the THP 155HP engines are concerned, these are linked to a 6-speed EGS gearbox while the other power units get manual transmissions.

That powerful THP 200HP will allow the Citroen DS4 to do the 0-62 mph sprint in 8.5 seconds, before reaching a top speed of 146 mph.

Source: Citroen via Carscoop

EDF Energy Teams Up With PSA

Citroen C-Zero / Peugeot iOn

It seems that EDF Energy has formed a partnership with the French automakers Peugeot and Citroen in order to offer residential and fleet customers EV charging services with the sale of every Citroen C-Zero and Peugeot iOn. This partnership will lead to a one-stop-shop for clients who will benefit from convenient and safe recharging solutions for their electric cars.

In the first phase of this collaboration, EDF Energy promises to offer a residential package which will allow owners of the iOn and C-Zero models to fill up the batteries from home and this will come with a free site survey. EDF Energy mentioned that after a dedicated charge point is installed, the drivers will take advantage from the quicker recharge times which will allow filling up the batteries 35% faster than before. This package will cost 799 pounds.

Households will be able to save precious money by getting 20% cheaper electricity during weekends and evenings thanks to EDF’s low carbon charge point package, dubbed Eco 20:20. The company has made a research from which they’ve learned that 66% of the home charging is done during evenings and in weekends.

If you buy a Citroen C-Zero or a Peugeot iOn, you’ll spend only 1.92 pounds for charging the battery, which is about 3 pence / mile, considerably less in comparison to 16 pence / mile for gasoline.

This is a partnership from which all involved parties will benefit and we certainly hope that we’ll see more of them soon and in other countries as well.

Source: NextGreenCar

Citroen Reveals DS3 Grey Matter Special Edition

Citroën DS3 Grey Matter

Car manufacturers have figured out that these special editions sell like cup cakes and the latest manufacturer to roll out one is Citroen with its DS3 Grey Matter model. Featuring a matte grey exterior paintjob, this stylish model comes with chrome accents on the doors, mirrors and tailgate. It also sports a contrasting roof (in white or black) and funky color-matching 17-inch alloy rims.

On the inside, nothing much has changed in comparison to the regular model except for the new Mistral leather upholstery along with the MyWay Select comfort package that comes with GPS, premium audio system and automatic climate control.

Customers will be able to choose from one of the two engines available: VTi 120 and THP 150. The first one generates 118 hp (120 PS / 88 kW) and has a peak torque of 118 lb.-ft (160 Nm), while the second unit cranks out 154 hp (156 PS / 115 kW) and 177 lb.-ft (240 Nm) of torque.

Prices for the Citroen DS3 Grey Matter start from 23,400 Euros and the French automaker has announced that they will build only 750 units.

Source: Citroen via WCF


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Cars We Hate Part 10 – Citroen Ami

Citroen Ami

As much as I like Citroen nowadays, most of the cars they’ve made the last century (except for the DS) were very ugly. A fine example is this Ami (French for “friend”) that they’ve produced from 1961 until 1978. I’ve always hated these fenders that drop below the tire line and I always will. It had a top that extended from the back like a porch roof. Interesting, but hideous.

Citroen Ami

Other things I don’t like about this car? Those dot-sized brake lights and the weird-shaped windows. Despite its rather hideous appearance, at least in my opinion, the Citroen Ami was the best-selling car model in France for several years. The company rolled out 1,840,396 units, which is very impressive.

Citroen Ami

The Ami was in fact a rebodied 2CV (another awful-looking car) that came with some mechanical upgrades. Most of the variants of the model were powered by a 602 cc 2-cylinder engine that was available in the 2CV. In addition, the suspension and the platform chassis were very similar to the 2CV.

Citroen Ami

The Citroen Ami, along with the 1961 Ford Taunus, was the first cars in the world that came with rectangular headlamps.

Citroen Ami

Source: Wikipedia.org

Sebastien Loeb and Sebastien Ogier demo in Buenos Aires

Sebastien Loeb and Sebastien Ogier showed off in Buenos Aires in Red Bull Racing’s custom Citroen DS3 WRC driver seat. The crowd wittnessed some jumps and some sick drifting from two experienced drivers in the world.


Citroen Recalls 20,000+ C3 Picasso Units In UK

Citroen C3 Picasso

The French automaker Citroen has issued a recall that concerns more than 20,000 C3 Picasso units that were sold in UK due to a rather strange, yet very funny reason: the brakes of the car can be activated by the passenger sitting in the front when pushing their feet in the footwell. This issue was discovered by Watchdog, a BBC TV show that was alerted about this problem from a cleaning company that owns three C3 Picassos.

That UK TV show has figured out the reason behind this problem and they said that a manufacturing error occurred during the right-hand drive assembly process of the units made for the United Kingdom market. Although the brake pedal is installed to the right, it still remains connected to a mechanism located on the left passenger side. This mechanism is apparently covered only by a very thin piece of felt, making it very easy to activate from the passenger side.

Watchdog did some further testing with other two Citroen C3 Picassos that were on sale at the company’s dealerships in the United Kingdom and they discovered that both units had the exact same problem.

Citroen replied that they didn’t receive any reports regarding this issue before, but they will issue a recall action to take care of the problem on those 20,000+ units.

Source: Citroen, Carscoop

Citroen DS5 Revealed

Citroen DS5

I really like where Citroen is going these days with the design of their new cars. Based on the C5, the new DS5 looks a lot different thanks to its crossover-like body style. Essentially, the DS5 is a 5-door hatchback that has a coupe-like sloping roofline and a raised driving position. Measuring 4.52m long and 1.85m wide, it fits very well in the mid-sized segment, but looks totally different from its competitors, which I think will give it a significant advantage.

Citroen DS5

Set to be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, Citroen’s new DS5 has been fitted with the PSA Group’s  HYbrid 4 technology that features a 2.0-liter diesel engine that generates 120 kW (163 PS), coupled to a 27 kW (37 PS) electric motor that powers the rear axle.

Citroen DS5

Just like its smaller brother, the DS3, this one has a very gorgeous interior cabin with excellent materials, featuring a roof console with aircraft-like switchgear.

Citroen DS5

We will be able to provide more information about the Citroen DS5 in a couple of days. Stay tuned.


Source: Citroen via WCF


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New Sales Record For Citroen In March

Citroen DS3 Serie Noire Limited Edition

The French automaker Citroen has set a new sales record, managing to register almost 42,000 passenger cars in its domestic market last month, which is the highest monthly total in the country for more than four decades. Sales increased by 19.2% for passenger cars and 18.7% for light commercial vehicles.

The car manufacturer reported 49,746 vehicle registrations in France last month, up by 19% in comparison to the same period of last year. This boost in sales was driven by the passenger cars, especially from the C4 (6,300 units) and the C3 (12,500 units). The DS3 was also popular among buyers, as Citroen managed to deliver 4,500 units, taking the first-year total to 35,800 cars.

Source: Citroen

Citroen Divas’ Rally

Creativity of marketers in communication strategies for car brands is continually diversifying and is taking everyone by surprise, even if it is about technology and new devices created to improve customers experience with the car, or just new concepts of special events that try to develop a personal relationship between the cars and brand’s consumers. So, as an example, this year Citroen Romania has decided to organize the first edition of Divas’ Rally, a lifestyle event dedicated exclusively to women, which tries to combine driving pleasure with adventure.

The first edition happened on 19 and 20 of March and gathered nine women, Romanian VIPs – Dana Rogoz, Maria Dinulescu, Simona Gheorghe, Mihaela Radulescu, Daiana Anghel, Roxana Ionescu, Paraschiv Oana, Andreea Patrascu, and Laura Cosoi -, nine journalists as co-pilots, and nine Citroën DS3 cars. The nine crews drove on a 156 kilometers route, even if this wasn’t a rally in the true sense of the word, but more a regularity rally, held on public roads and in normal traffic conditions. So, even if the event missed the spectacular of the world competitions in which Citroen has already won seven world championship titles at pilots’ category, with Sebastien Loeb, the initiative could be useful as a marketing exercise.

Even if on this edition have participated only Citroen DS3 cars, according to the organizers, the next edition will allow in competition any Citroen models, including historic vehicles.

In addition, dear ladies, if you are upset and worried about that fact that you could not participate to the rally unless you’re VIP’s, you should stay calm: Divas’ Rally 2011 edition with VIPs was actually only the prologue to the event dedicated to ALL Citroen owners that will take place every year from now on.

”The idea of this event is to find new routes to explore in Romania, by driving Citroen cars. Divas’ Rally will be from now on the perfect opportunity for every woman who owns a Citroen to discover her passion for driving, to test her limits and to visit the most chic places in Romania”

said Didier Gerard, Director of Citroen Romania.

So, what do you think about that? Would you be interested to participate to such “ladies” rally in your country if possible?

[Source: C-vedete, Photos: Facebook Citroen]

Citroen C3 beeps. Beep beeps.

This is one of the cutest commercial I’ve seen in a while. Citroen makes an ad that encompasses the need of the contemporary driver to hear all the beeps and squeaks and clicks that make him feel safe and at ease.

We may not realize this every day, but all the little sounds the electric and mechanical devices we have around us make create an environment that’s both familiar and welcoming. If you don’t notice them every day it’s because you’ve grown accustomed to them, but it’s nice to notice them once in a while.



Citroen DS3 – women’s sports car of 2010

Women are active, even on their celebrating day: yesterday, on 8 March, women from “Woman on Wheels” community have chosen Citroen DS3 the sport car of year 2010!

Which do you believe that are the cars that women prefer from those presented at the Geneva auto show? For easy decision making, HERE you can find a helping summary of the cars launched at this year Geneva show.

[Source foto: Citroen]


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Citroen To Show Three Concepts At Geneva

Citroen C3 Red Block

We are only one week away from the 81st edition of the Geneva Motor Show and Citroen announced that they are going to bring three concepts, based on the automaker’s production models. The design studies are the C3 “Red Block”, the DS4 “Purple” and the C6 “Noir et Blanc”.

The French supermini C3 has bespoke matt grey paintwork with red accents on the window line and sits on 17-inch alloy rims, plus smoked headlamps and tail lamps. In addition, it features a lowered suspension and the exclusive interior trim is highlighted by the red leather seats, and the various aluminum accents located on the door panels, stee

Citroen DS4 Purple

ring wheel and the center console.

The DS4 Purple will make its debut alongside with the production model. This concept “takes inspiration from the techniques of jewellery craft.”

Citroen C6 Noir et Blanc

The C6 “Noir et Blanc” is going to be a study on new colors and materials for the automaker’s most expensive model.

Citroen DS4 Purple

My personal favorite is the DS4 Purple as it looks very aggressive and it has a nice interior. The C6 is perhaps the ugliest car from Citroen’s current lineup and this concept doesn’t really bring anything new. Probably the next-generation C6 will adopt an entire new styling as the current one isn’t attractive at all. Most likely, the new one will take some of the design ideas from the DS3 and DS4 which both look very good in my opinion.

We’ll be able to provide more information next week when the Geneva Motor Show starts.


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Concept Design Study – 2019 Citroen DS

2019 Citroen DS

I remember that in the first season of Top Gear, Richard Hammond said that the Citroen DS is the most beautiful car in the world. Although I don’t agree with his statement, I can however understand the reasons behind his choice. Indeed, the Citroen DS is a gorgeous car and one of the most technically advanced sedans of the 50s. The car’s main rivals back then were the Austin A95 Westminster, the BMW 501/6 and the Alfa Romeo 1900 Ti, car’s that didn’t stood a chance in front of the revolutionary DS.

2019 Citroen DS

Why revolutionary? Because the Citroen DS had a fully independent and auto-leveling suspension, power steering, front power disc brakes, hydraulically operated clutch and transmission plus a gorgeous fiberglass roof.

2019 Citroen DS

For these reasons, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a DS revival is due to happen sooner or later. A design idea for a new DS was revealed by Ugo Spagnolo, a design student at France’s Institut Superieur de Design.

2019 Citroen DS

With his drawings and the aid of his friends at the institute, the 3D animations and renders were produced. Sources say that it generated a positive feedback from Jean-Pierre Ploue, Citroen’s Styling Director.

2019 Citroen DS

Ugo Spagnolo took the 64-year-old DS and introduced some of the styling features presented in Citroen’s Survolt and Revolt concepts. This futuristic DS features sliding rear doors, aggressive haunches and a Corvette-like nose which looks awesome.

2019 Citroen DS

Needless to say that we won’t be seeing a production model anytime soon but maybe the people over at Citroen will take this design study into consideration in the future.



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Musketier Citroen C3

Musketier Citroen C3

To be honest, I haven’t heard of Musketier before and after doing a little bit or research I learned that they developed some tuning programs for Peugeot, Citroen and Toyota. Their newest project is based on the 2011 Citroen C3, one of the most cool-looking cars in the segment.

Musketier Citroen C3

From the looks of the car, it seems that they took their inspiration from the higher-spec DS3 which was a very good idea. The car sports LED daytime running lights installed on the vertical front bumper with a matching contrasting color pattern on the edges of the fenders and the bumper’s lower edge. They did a little bit of work to the rear lower lip in order to fit in the twin exhaust system. The C3 is now 35 mm lower and sits on a cool set of 18-inch rims.

Inside the cabin, the guys over at Musketier (cool name by the way) wrapped the interior in leather upholstery and added aluminum and carbon fiber inserts here and there.

Musketier Citroen C3

They also increased the power of the engine from 115 hp to 129 hp by reconfiguring the car’s electronic system. It might not seem much but any boost in power is welcomed.

Although the changes are not very significant, the tuners from Musketier added a little bit more flavor to the Citroen C3.

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