Fifth Gear returns on June 3 with hot hatches and supercars

The Fifth Gear soap opera is set to be completed on June 3, when the British TV car show will return once more on Five. As you know, the project was almost scrapped by Five TV executives, but seeing the support from fans, they decided to give it another season. While the crew has been cut short, with Tom Ford and James Shaw leaving, we’ll still... the full post

Fifth Gear coming back in late April

The Fifth Gear odyssey is coming to a successful end, as it has just been revealed that the popular TV show will be coming back to Five TV in the UK at the end of April. As you may remember, dwindling audience figures and the fact that many still prefer BBC’s Top Gear, made TV executives less confident in the format. But after a lot of fan support... the full post

Fifth Gear might get canceled, says newspaper, presenters decline to comment

Yes my friends, the title is correct. Five TV’s Fifth Gear auto show, one of the few rivals of the mammoth Top Gear from BBC2 might get canceled, at least according to UK newspaper the Daily Mail, which claims that low audience and ratings numbers are forcing executives to put the show off the air and decline it a new season, which was supposed... the full post

Fifth Gear Season 14 Episode 7

It’s really been a hectic time around here at AutoUnleashed but we still managed to write the reviews for the last two episode of this season of Fifth Gear. Episode 7 was a pretty good one, with highlights such as a dirt bike race between Tiff and Vicky or an Audi A3 which can park itself. The show kicked off with Jonny’s experiment to... the full post

Fifth Gear Season 14 Episode 5

Although this week’s episode was also a bit late, it sure made up in the great cars it had on this show. It all kicked off with a classic dog fight between Jason Plato and Tiff Needell, driving two performance sedans, the Lexus IS-F and the BMW M3. It was a true show of force, but on the circuit the M3 beat the IS-F by only a tenth of a seconds,... the full post

Fifth Gear Season 14 Episode 4

This week Fifth Gear really prepared a lot of test drives for us, which can only bring smiles upon our faces. The show kicked off with a Honda Civic Mugen RR, the fastest hot-hatch model available, unfortunately, only in Japan. So Jason Plato decided to put it up against Honda’s fastest model available in Europe, the S2000. The Civic really proved... the full post

Fifth Gear Season 14 Episode 3

It was quite worth the wait for episode 3 of Fifth Gear, what started pretty slow ended with quite a race, but here’s the full review. The show kicked off with a challenge between two station wagons, but no ordinary ones, the VW Passat R36, the fastest accelerating production car from the german manufacturer, put up against the new Audi A4, which... the full post