Exclusive Interview: Gert Hildebrand, Chief Designer of Mini

At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, we had the chance to talk to one of the world’s most experienced car designers, Gert Hildebrand, currently the Chief Designer at Mini. He has worked for some of the most important car makers (Opel – Kadett E and the Opel JUNIOR show-car), Volkswagen (Golf III, IV, Sharan facelift and the Bora),... ...read the full post

RPMGO Interview: Nicolas Stone, freelance automotive designer

Some time ago we wrote about a very interesting concept car created by Nicolas Stone, a young automotive designer with a lot of talent. Then we had the idea of asking Nicolas for an interview (the first one ever done by us) and ask him a few questions about him and his work, because we really loved it. In the meantime, though he is still looking for... ...read the full post