November Highlights on Auto Unleashed

November was a pretty interesting month for us, with great shows like the SEMA or the Los Angeles Auto Show and we got all sorts of cool posts and here the most popular: Most visited posts: 1. Jeep Renegade inspired by the Warthog from Halo? 2. Top 15 most expensive cars sold in 2007 3. Porsche Carma Concept design study 4. Audi TT gets R8-ified by... the full post

September Highlights

With September over, we had some pretty important events, like the Frankfurt Motor Show, which featured some great cars, so we think it’s time to check out the most popular stuff on Auto Unleashed, this month: Most visited posts: 1. Don’t drink and jump on Lambos 2. Lamborghini Murcielago: Probably the fastest taxi in the world 3. Creepy!... the full post