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2011 rpmGo Facelift Revealed

As you can see, our new theme is up and running. We hope that you like it and if you have any suggestions or find any bugs, make sure that you contact us. In addition, you can send us ideas of subjects that you would like to read more about, or any other recommendations that you have for us. We will be more than happy to reply back as soon as possible. Have a pleasant visit.


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rpmGO Turns 4 Years Old

On March 18th, 2007, co-founder Vlad Balan wrote the very first blog entry on rpmGO.com.  Four years later, we continue to provide new and accurate info regarding the car industry. We hope that you enjoy reading our articles and if you have any suggestions feel free to contact us and we will reply as soon as possible. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

PS: A new theme should be up and running pretty soon.

RoboCop Detroit statue is now funded!

Statues aren’t cool. That’s a fact. Unless they’re silly and you can make a funny picture alongside them, they don’t seem to be worth the attention. But what if you could have a very cool statue in your city? Of RoboCop, let’s say.

If it hasn’t reached your ears yet, Detroit’s citizens are trying to convince the local authorities that building a RoboCop statue in town would be a great idea. We’re behind them 100%. I mean, who doesn’t want their own supercool statue of a supercool superhero? :D We know we do.

The problem they were facing was lack of funding, but this issue was taken care of by a company called Omni Consumer Products, which donated the necessary amount of money, aka $25,000, it would take to get the statue built. It seems that the company’s owners are also huge RoboCop fans, since their business is named after the evil corporation featured in the RoboCop universe and they also happen to sell movie products. Pretty cool, eh?

Detroit’s mayor continues to oppose this initiative strongly, but the citizens might just get their way if they keep pressuring him. The needs of the people should be not, am I right or am I right? And having a RoboCop statue in your town is as important as an Internet connection. Or water. Or even more so.

Source: Autoblog.

Child Car-Seats Recalled

Nearly 800,000 child-safety seats are recalled from the car-seat manufacturer Dorel Juvenile Groups because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has observed that harness adjustment stray may loosen during use. It is a list of almost 50 different car seat models, manufactured from May 1, 2008, through April 30, 2009 which include Convertible child restraints Alpha Omega, Alpha Omega Elite, Enspira, Priori, Prospect, and Vantage; Infant child restraints Mico and OnBoard.

The car-seats’ problem
It has been found that, sometimes, the harness locking and release button doesn’t return to its locked position. The result of this problem would be the adjustment strap slipping back through the adjuster when the child moves in his car seat, which exposes him to injury in case of collision.

What is to be done
All the persons with affected car seat registered with Dorel will have their button fixed, receiving a free kit. If the child-safety seat that you use for your baby is on the recalled list of models, you should contact Dorel.

For more information about the models recalled and about the entire situation, visit the Dorel Juvenile Groups official webpage.

Changes in the RPMGO team

Hey guys, I think you might have noticed the low to none activity in the past week. First of all, sorry for this, but it happened because there have been some changes in our team. Andrey, which has been in charge with everything you read in the past year, has decided to pursue another opportunity and will no longer write for us. We wish him all the best and for all his effort he will always be welcomed here.

As for the publishing part, starting this week and until we find another awesome editor like Andrey was (by the way, if you want to write for us or know someone who does, just drop us a line here), I will be the one keeping you updated with everything that happens in our lovely car world. I hope you guys missed me…I, for one, am really glad to be back to writing articles, because I missed it a lot.

Well, this the small announcement I wanted to make and now it’s time to get to work!


RPMGO on a short break

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we’ll be out for a couple of days. Some of us are on vacation on the beach and some of us are on a beautiful road trip, also testing a couple of cars (we’ll tell you more about it later). We don’t know exactly when we’ll be back, but we hope that you’ll get to see new posts around next Wednesday. So, until then, have a lot of fun those of you who are on vacation and for the rest…well…we’ll miss you too :)

RideLust includes us in their Top 25 Car Blogs list

Great news everyone! The guys at RideLust have included us in their Top 25 Car Blogs and Websites list, in which they tally up some of the best sources of automotive news from around the web.

What’s best, the guys saw fit to place us on number 10, ahead of many other blogs, but behind some large industry behemoths which we want to take down as soon as possible :D .

You can head on over to RideLust and check out the full list!

RPMGO answers: Manual or Automatic transmission – Which is better?

Hello and welcome to the first edition of “RPMGO answers”, which is a new feature in which we take commonly asked car-related questions and, as you might have guessed, try to find an answer for them, or at least the next best thing.

The first question is something which has crossed the minds of many car buyers, and, depending on their native country, will find various answers: Which is better, a manual (stick shift) transmission or an automatic one.

Read on to find our answer and various things you need to keep in mind when considering them.

Test drive: 2010 BMW 116d

Test drive - 2010 BMW 116d

The BMW 1 Series isn’t really the most popular model for the Bavarian manufacturer, as most people tend to go that extra mile and just buy a 3 Series to get a bigger boot, more space, and bigger engines range. Before I drove the 116d, I used to agree with them, but for someone who doesn’t need a sedan, the 1 Series is perfect and can more than make up with its lighter weight the relatively small engine.

The new 116d offers the smallest amount of power, taken from the very popular 2.0-liter diesel, but is also the most economical and efficient version available, when coupled with the Auto StartStop function. Even though it isn’t the most powerful, as I have learned, it is more than capable of wearing the BMW badge with honor.

Click here for the full test drive

RPMGO wishes everyone Happy Holidays!

Once again the winter holidays are here, and no matter what your faith is, it’s time be around those who mean the most to you. And for us at RPMGO, you readers are the most important.

It’s been one heck of a year, filled with unpredictable things, but we fought through and things are bound to keep getting better and better. May you receive all your car-related gifts and continue to support us in the following year!

From Vlad, Bobby and Andrey, we wish you a sincere “Happy Holidays!”

Exciting news about RPMGO

Last week, when we wrote about Forbes listing us as a must-read auto blog, we also promised you a few more surprises, so here we are:

New look for RPMGO. A couple of weeks ago, we realised it’s been almost two years since we last did a major change to the blog, so we decided to start working on a fresh look. Well, actually we didn’t do anything, because the design was made by a friend of ours, Alex, a very talented Romanian designer. We’re really happy with what he came up with and we hope you like it too. Of course, there are still a few glitches that need to be fixed, but we’ll take care of that in the following days. You can also help us, by reporting anything you find that is not working or looking as it’s suppose to.

Alex is also working on a new look for our Test Drive section too, which we hope will be ready later this week. And speaking of test drives…

…we’re very thrilled about our first long-term test car, a brand new Mercedes-Benz GLK, which Bobby will be driving until next summer. We had the car since August, but we couldn’t announce it earlier, because Bobby is part of a Mercedes campaign here in Romania and we had to wait until the official announcement.

After the first two months, we can tell you the car is magnificent, especially on our rough Romanian roads (we also drove it to Germany last month, when we went to the Frankfurt show). Among others, it has a 3.0 liter diesel, 224 hp and off-road package. More soon, when we’ll write our impressions after two months.

And last, but definitely not least, we must introduce our new team member, Andrei Dobra (Andrey). Though it’s not a surprise any more (he has been posting since early September), we never got the chance to officially introduce him. And who can talk better about Andrey, than himself :)

Hey everyone! My name’s Andrey and I’ll be the new editor here at RPMGO. I’ve been a fan of cars ever since I was a child, and as the years kept going, my passion grew by leaps and bounds. I was inspired by various auto shows on TV, but Top Gear really had me hooked on everything auto-related. I worked for a year at Softpedia, one of the largest technology websites in the world, covering the games section, but cars eventually won the battle in my heart (just don’t get me started with racing games). I currently drive a Dacia Logan (I’ve heard pretty much all of the possible insults), but I’m still proud of it. From now on I’ll be delivering you all of the latest news in the auto industry and beyond.

Andrey wrote for RPMGO last year, as part of an experiment we made, and we thought he did a great job, so at the end of this summer we asked him if he’d like to join our team. He said yes and we’re really thrilled to have him onboard!

So, what do you think…a lot of great news, right? :)


RPMGO listed as “must-read auto blog” by Forbes.com

Yes, it’s true. In a recent article published by Forbes.com’s Hannah Elliott, RPMGO was listed as one of the “must-read auto blogs”. This is really exciting news to us and we’re happy to see people appreciate our efforts (especially after the very hard times we had to go through this spring) and now we’re in this list next to big names in auto blogging, such as Autoblog, Jalopnik or Car Domain. Nice!

And that’s not all, because this week we have several more surprises ready for you, so you might want to stick around! :)


Renault Fluence officially launched in Romania, hitting the rest of Europe in 2010

As you may have noticed, today’s updates were a bit late, as I just came back from Renault’s official launch of its new compact sedan, the Fluence in my country of Romania. The new model will replace the very popular old generation Megane Sedan, and aims at taking its segment to a whole new level in terms of style and quality, with its slogan being “Travel upgraded” or for my country, “Travel in business class.”

The launch, which was organized at a hotel in Bucharest, was preceded by a very interesting shadow theater show in which the four main attributes of the car: design, space, technology and dynamics, were highlighted in an unusual way.

But time for some number crunching: the Renault Fluence will be available in three flavors, a 1.6-liter 16 valve gasoline engine, which will output 110 HP, and register a mixed fuel average of 6.5 liters/100 km. The other two engine will be diesels, both measuring 1.5 liters, but one outputting 85 HP and the other 105 horses, they will register a mixed fuel average of 4.5 liter/100 km.

Prices will start from €12,900, for the 1.6-liter gasoline engine with the base trim level, and end at €16,950, for the 105 HP 1.5-liter DCi engine with the top Privilege trim line. Besides the high level of quality that Renault promises, the Fluence will also have the biggest passenger space in its class as well as the biggest boot space.

Either way, with the state of the recession and people not having enough money for expensive cars, this reasonably priced Fluence is definitely attractive for a lot of people. The quality level, from what I’ve seen on the display model is very high, and will definitely surprise a lot of people. Stay tuned for a drive test and a review in the following months, as soon as we can get our hands on the compact sedan from Renault. Until then, you can hit the jump for photos from the launch of the Renault Fluence and leave a comment with your opinion below.


RPMGO in Paris: Day Two plus Roundup

If you read the last post about the first day, then you now know that after some running through the streets of France’s capital, Paris, we finally reached the meeting place for all of the Citroen enthusiasts, right in front of the Eiffel Tower. I was assigned into a beautiful BX, which was carefully taken care of by its Swiss owner.

After an hour or even more spent on the busy roads of Paris, as it was a “White Night” when everyone went out to enjoy all of the shops, street shows and many other attractions, we arrived on the Champs Elysee, where the French company reserved a special floor in an underground parking lot for all of the fans.

After parking the car and taking a more shots of other classic models which already arrived, we went on foot to the C 42 showroom, located at Champs Elysee no 42 (subtlety isn’t their strong point). There we were greeted by a very interesting building filled with various Citroen representatives. The ground floor was filled with memorabilia regarding Citroen, from scale models of the GT, 2CV or DS, to T-shirts, jackets and plenty of books of various phases throughout the French company’s 90 years of existence.

After that, we witnessed a speech held by one of Citroen’s marketing executives. Highlights included him telling about the commitment of the company to honor its legacy, mainly by reinventing icons like the DS in the form of the new DS3, and by taking care of the environment through many technological upgrades introduced into its vehicles.

The showroom on the Champs is quite interesting, built to take advantage of the many floors, each of them hosting various models, from the DS3 to the C4 WRC and even a classic Type A Torpedo. But one of the most interesting things about it is that it rewards people who climbed all the way to the fourth floor with a very comfortable bed and many couches.

After resting a bit, almost all of us decided to call it a night and head on to the hotel. On the way there we were still amazed at how many Parisians and tourists were on the streets of the city. The shops were barely coping with all of the visitors while the street performers were even more satisfied.

On Sunday we all had time to unwind a bit and visit what landmarks we wanted. I personally went to the Eiffel Tower, managing to take some very interesting photos, which we will reveal in a future post. Around 12:30 Paris time we all met up at the hotel, caught a taxi and headed to the airport.

Our French odyssey was at an end, but the memories were definitely worth it. Be on the lookout for some new photos in the following days from my trip to the French capital. Until then, au revoir.

RPMGO in Paris: Day One

Hey guys, I am finally here in the lovely Paris and I can say that I already had plenty of interesting adventures here.

First thing’s first, it seems that the French really love to take things slowly, everything besides their talking rhythm that is, as before we headed to the start of the parade in which over 100 iconic Citroen models were to start, we decided to eat at a restaurant right besides the famous Champs Elysee boulevard. While the waiter was very funny and smiled all the time, the fact that he was very late with our orders, even though we told him we were in a hurry, made all of us (me, Laura and a few other journalists) rather upset.

It was now 6:50 PM and at 7 sharp we needed to get to the Eiffel Tower in order to randez-vous with the organizers. As you might have guessed, this meant running through the small and twisted alleys of Paris with our bellies full. About when our stomachs were giving us signals to stop this unnatural behavior, we arrived and were immediately greeted by the fantastic sound of the Citroen GT which started revving its engine, preparing to lead the parade of classic Citroen models.

Unfortunately, our tardiness meant that we couldn’t go with more famous models like the 2CV or DS, but for the cobble stones of Paris, the hydraulic suspensions of a 16 valve BX were more than adequate. As its owner was very enthusiastic about his 1991 model, he was more than willing to show us what it can do, unleashing its power every time he had the chance.

I do have to admit that Citroen should have probably chosen another evening to schedule the parade, as this was a “White Night”, meaning that all of the museums, stores and clubs were open until after midnight, meaning that there was a very big number of cars and tourists all around the city. But this meant that we had plenty of stops at traffic lights which gave me the chance to take plenty of photos.

Overall, it was a great experience and a truly interesting way to see Paris. Stay tuned for the rest of my “adventures” through Paris on Monday. until then, the city still has plenty of other landmarks for me to discover. Sadly, it won’t be in a Citroen.

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