Preview – 2011 Chicago Auto Show PART 3

Welcome back to the third and final part of our extensive article about the most important cars that will delight us at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show. Let’s start with Land Rover and their Range Rover Evoque. 2012 Land Rover Evoque The car will be available in 2-door and 4-door variants, both of them featuring the same engine, which will be a 4-cylinder... the full post

Quick Look – 2011 Scion tC

  • January 28, 2011 |
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2011 Scion tC Although the lines of the 2011 Scion tC are new, they are quite familiar, probably because the car has the exact same dimensions, except for the fact that it is 1.6 inches wider. The flat roofline of the tC gives it a low, bulldog-like stance and the big C-pillar will get your attention immediately. In the front, the lower fascia channels... the full post

Scion tC might get TRD performance version next year

The 2011 Scion tC is a pretty interesting model, delivering adequate performance in a coupe style with a pretty low price. Toyota has some bigger plans for the tC coupe though, as according to a recent report coming from Japan, a special high performance TRD version might be in the works. The report says that the powerful coupe might be outfitted... the full post

Team NFS presents 1,100 HP Scion tC AWD time attack racer

A few months ago, we said that the Need For Speed racing video game franchise will be organizing its own dedicated, real life racing team, called Team NFS. We revealed some of the cars its members will be racing in various competitions all over the world, but the team has now revealed the newest addition to its racing roster. The monster you see above... the full post

Scion iQ city car confirmed for US launch in March 2011

  • August 6, 2010 |
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It’s been a long time coming, but US customers will finally be able to indulge in a brand new Japanese city car, the Scion iQ, next year. After being revealed at the New York Auto Show this year, the model has been confirmed by Toyota for a US launch in March 2011. The car is already being sold in Asia and Europe, badged as a Toyota iQ, and has... the full post

Scion hosts Battle of the Builds competition, military members design their own xB

Seeing as how the 4th of July is rapidly approaching, Scion has revealed a new type of competition. Entitled the Battle of the Builds, the contest tasked military servicemen and women with designing their own special xB model. The entries were submitted to the youth-oriented Japanese brand, and can now be voted at the special Battle of the Builds website. From... the full post

Video: Tanner Foust goes drifting in his Scion tC on Mulholland Highway

Going on our daily YouTube hunt for interesting car videos that we can share with all you fine folks, we found this video of drift racer and future Top Gear USA host, Tanner Foust. Although the video is a bit old, dating back from March, we knew such awesomeness can always be shared under the motto ‘better late than never’. In the footage... the full post

Scion tC might receive convertible edition

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The rumor mill has started spinning once more, this time being fueled by the guys at Inside Line who proclaim that the Scion brand might see the introduction of its first convertible model, based on the newly revealed 2011 tC. It seems that this move might go along nicely with Toyota’s plans to revive the brand and earn it more confidence in... the full post

2011 Scion tC presents itself in New York

Besides showcasing the small 2011 iQ yesterday at the New York Auto Show, Scion also revealed the 2011 tC coupe model. This new generation promises to deliver a more aggressive package, designed to further attract even more the young audience. In order to do this, a new 2.5-liter inline-four cylinder engine has been fitted, with power increasing as... the full post

2011 Scion iQ debuts in New York

Yesterday was the first day of the 2010 New York Auto Show, and as you could expect, it was filled with interesting announcements. One of the first came from Toyota’s youth-oriented brand, Scion, which revealed the 2011 iQ city car. As you may know, the Toyota iQ has been around for quite some time, but is just now reaching US shores, badges... the full post

2011 Scion xB facelift presents itself

In the midst of bad press for both Lexus and Toyota models, the Japanese company decided that it should further promote its untarnished Scion brand more, and has just presented the 2011 xB facelift model. The popular boxy car has received new looks and interior options in order to further attract the young crowd. First off, the design has been improved,... the full post

Scion models won’t go hybrid, might receive all-wheel drive instead

In between issuing recalls, attending government hearings or going to court over lawsuits, Toyota found time to talk about its youth-oriented brand, Scion. Jack Hollis, vice president of Scion, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A, recently talked about the brand and just where it will go in the near future. Many voices are claiming that if it wants to keep its... the full post