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Women and car commercials

Once again, sexy women are the main characters in two car commercials. The advertisers seem to be inspired by the femininity and we have no problem with that, as long as the results are of this type. I guess men have nothing to say either. We have hot girls, cool cars and nice ad production.

The first guest and star of this article: Fiat 500 Abarth and Catrinel Menghia

The second star: Citroën C1 Accessorize limited edition and a bunch of desperate hot women

What do you think: are women the secret of success of these car commercials or it’s all about the cars?

[Source: Intro photo, Ad]

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Women are attracted by…

Women are more emotional than men. At least that’s what has always been said about women: they’re the weak part of the humanity, but they still decide about what car to buy.

Let’s say you are a woman and you see these billboards on the streets of your town. So, we ask you: to which one are you attracted to? Which of the cars are you tempted to love and eventually to buy?




So, let’s see: which car brand is the most inspiring for you, dear ladies?

[Source: Adsoftheworld, Intro photo]

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3 cars for Cat Women

Our colleagues from Carwoo have selected 3 car models which they considered to perfectly suit “cat women”. And when we say cat women who mean literally cat women, meaning women who like cats. Maybe this is not a criteria for whether to buy or not to buy a car, but it’s fun to see how a car can say so much about a woman’s preferences in pets.

So, let’s see the list:

Buick Lacrosse: yes, it’s not a mistake. Although you would be tempted to consider this a car for “old ladies” instead of a car for cat women, Buick LaCrosse looks pretty good: refined and elegant. Why it’s perfect for cats? Because it offers a smooth ride and your cat is protected by the road noise.

Ford Taurus: it’s an affordable car, perfect for cats due to its sheers size and roomier interior. Plus, its top-of-the-line interior electronics and Sync infotainment system help you keep focused and drive safe with your cat.

GMC Acadia: it’s the largest cars from the three mentioned in this article. An important feature which should count when you drive with your cat is the tri-zone climate control, which maintains temperature consistency during the ride. In this way you won’t risk your car getting sick.

Have you ever ride with your cat? Which car have you used?

[Source: Carwoo, Intro photo, Photos]

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Pay attention when crossing the street

That’s the first rule to teach your child when he’s old enough to walk alone on the streets, to school or back home. And that drivers are not the only ones who have to obey traffic rules.
This is why you should teach your child to always pay attention to cars, so that not to be in the situation of this kid who got scared by the honk of a car just because he was distracted and decided to cross the street on the wrong traffic light.

I don’t know about you, but my parents have always taught me that a street should be crossed with all the senses arouse. In this situation, it’s a shared guilt: if the kid would have been careful when crossing the street, the driver wouldn’t have used the honk; on the other side, the kid had already passed the car when the driver of that particular car decided to honk, so no honk was necessary, especially when passing so close to a pedestrian.

Watch the video and pay a lesson to your kid. You wouldn’t like to have him in a situation of this type or worse:

How often do you have discussions with your child about their safety when crossing the street?

[Source: Jalopnik]

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Christmas Gift Ideas – from MINI

Holidays are coming, so brands have started to present their offer of gifts to be asked / received from Santa. MNI kicked off with their Christmas gift ideas, for men, women or kids.
What are in fact these gifts? MINI-branded products, including a folding bike, a “Black Jack Watch”, toy cars, a bib, baby socks. Apparently, they have taken into account all the members of the family, regardless of age. Actually, it’s the best way to MINI-brand your entire family, so that when you go for a visit to your friends in the Christmas day, everybody to know you all are MINI’s fans, including your little one “procreation”.

The “biggest” gift suggestion is a MINI inspired by Goodwood special edition. Its cost: $52,000 in the United States. So good luck with that :D .

So, are you tempted to buy any of these gifts?

[Source: Worldcarfans, Photo]

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Miss Tuning Calendar 2012

As 2012 is about to come, calendars for the next year are in the works and some previews have started to appear. It’s also the case of Miss Tuning Calendar 2012.

So, Germany’s Tuning World Bodensee, one of the largest trade shows dedicated to car tuning, also hosting Miss Tuning competition, was in the situation of offering the promised-price to the winner: photo shoot for the 2012 Miss Tuning calendar. The result? A beautiful 24-year old woman, Mandy Lange, and some gorgeous cars in an enjoyable photo session.

You can watch the “behind the scene” video from the photo shoot:

Would you like to have this calendar hanging on your wall?

[Source: Carscoop, Photos]

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ASTRA GTC – Man’s New Baby

Apparently, car manufacturers have totally gone crazy with their obsession for having creative marketing campaigns for their cars. This time, we got stuck with a rather strange campaign for ASTRA GTC car. What’s video’s idea? Men expecting! But not a real baby, but a “baby-car”. I guess at the beginning, the scenario did not look bad at all for women, but the entire landscape gradually changed the moment the new ASTRA GTC was revealed to the group of participants at the counseling session.

You should watch the video (the first from a series of episodes about ASTRA GTC):

Share your opinion about the campaign. Personally, I think it’s just wrong, but maybe it’s just me!

[Source: Youtube]

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NHTSA testing Family Cars for 2012

The normal behavior when buying a car for your family is to check out its safety feature. The first option for this is probably The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and its crash-test results. So, the good news is that NHTSA will start rating 74 vehicles for the 2012 cars.

The list of tested vehicles in the next period includes 22 sports utility vehicles (some of them are Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer and Kia Sorento), 2 family friendly minivans (Chrysler Town & Country and Toyota Sienna) and passenger cars (such as Toyota Prius V).

This type of approach can only help families to better understand the safety level of the cars currently on the market, appropriate for their needs as family.

So, you would better check for “safety stars” on NHTSA’s website before buying a new car for you and your family.

How many “safety stars” does your current family car have?

[Source: Motherproof, Photo]

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[Study] Greater Risk for Women to be Injured in a Car Crash

According to the American Journal of Public Health, there’s a difference between genders even when it comes to car accidents. So, the study results have indicated that women are more likely to be hurt in comparison to men in similar crushes in severity.

The reason for this conclusion: the combination of stature and differences in the seating positions which make women more vulnerable to this kind of threat. So, by wearing the seat belts, the risk of chest and spinal injuries are higher for women – with 47% higher than for men.

As expected, there are already parts that do not agree with the results of the study. One of these is Clarence Ditlow of the Center for Auto Safety, who sustains that the date used for the analysis is out-of-date – no data more recent than 1998 were used, which means that the cars involved in crushes are very likely not to have incorporated most of the modern crash protection technology (including “female friendly airbags” – Ditlow said).

What do you think: are the results of this study accurate?

[Source: Autoblog, Photo]

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[Study] Female Car Buyers Prefer Domestic Car Makers

After reading a study about “Marketing to the modern family” showing that 84 percent of women said they’re buying cars, another study has revealed the fact that female car buyers prefer domestic auto brands.

So, Porsche is the one that appears to have the largest relative market share gains among women nationwide in 2011 (23% of Porsche buyers in the first 8 months of 2011 were women – in 2010, during the same period of time, only 19% were women).

In addition to this, the study has also shown that eight of the ten car brands recording the fastest growing female market shares were domestic car makers. Here it is the list of top 5 car brands with the biggest increase in U.S. female market share during 2010-2011:

- Porsche – 23% female share in 2011.
- Buick – with the largest market share gains among female: 38% in 2011.
- Dodge – 29% in 2011.
- Chevrolet – 33% female share in 2011.
- Infiniti – 35%.

Also important: 39% of all new cars have been registered by women in the U.S.

The study was conducted by Edmunds.com.

What car makers do you prefer? Is one of the 5 mentioned in the article in your top 5 choices?

[Source: Edmunds, Photo]

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Bigger Car Seats for Obese Children

Obesity is a current problem in USA, and kids are not exempt from this problem. The incidence of childhood obesity is growing (as a matter of fact, it tripled in the past three decades – according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), which is why car seat makers have started to produce bigger car seats. It was the time for them to take into consideration the fact that more than one in three children is either overweight or obese and that their safety in the car should be a priority, even in those conditions.

When deciding this, the car seat producers have taken into account the fact that in 2006, a study has revealed that parents of nearly 284,000 children with ages 1 to 6 years would have problems with finding a child safety seat due to their overweight child. The study was published in the journal Pediatrics.

Consequently, some of the producers that have increased the weight capacity of their seats are: Orbit Infant Car Seat G2, Britac Child Safety, Dorel Juvenile Group’s MaxI-Cosi Pria 70.

What other car seat manufacturers producing cars seats for overweight kids do you know?

[Source: Edmunds, Photo]

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Drunk Fathers plus Crazy Mothers equals Horrible Parents

For the last weeks, the internet has been invaded of all types of videos showing parental bad habits or, at least, bad behavior of adults in relation to kids and cars and driving were included.
Today, we’ve decided to show you two examples of “what not to do” with your kids if you want to take a ride with your vehicle. The videos include men and women too, for the latter we are not sure that’s the mother of the kid she’s caring, but the impact of their behavior stays the same.

So, here we have a drunk father being driven home from a gas station by his 9-year-old daughter:
And a woman riding a motorcycle while caring a sleeping little child between her legs:

What other videos with crazy stupid parents have you seen?

[Source: Youtube, Photo]

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What’s the connection between ponytail and Buick Verano?

Ladies, hair is important and we know that. Even men know that. It’s important when we have a business meeting, when we go out for a date, and even when we go to the gym. It’s something that defines our presence as women and that determines the first impression that we make, and this is why we pay so much attention to it and spend lots of money and time in hair salons. And this is why we chose not to take the cab but our car when going out. But it’s important the car to be “cooperative” with your hair too.

Apparently, the new Buick Verano meets these “hair” requirements (perfect for women), and beside its engine upgrade, Veranos’s seat head rest are “positioned to accommodate ponytails and other up-dos without compromising the occupants’ postural comfort” (according to GM press release) and, I would add, ladies hairdressing and beauty.

In addition to this, leather seats, foam and padding make this car’s comfort.

So, how often did you feel uncomfortable on driver’s seat because of your ponytail?

[Source: General Motors]

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Mercedes-Benz TV Commercial with George Clooney – for Chinese Market

Ladies, I know you can barely manage your enthusiasm of seeing George Clooney. It almost doesn’t matter that much that he is not alone, but accompanied by a woman, a Chinese woman. Any woman imagines it could be her in that Mercedes E Class limo, surrounded by luxury and style.

That’s probably the scenario in which any woman would want to appear, especially with George Clooney driving them through the city and ending the evening taking dinner into a restaurant, with a panoramic view over the city. That’s romantic and definitely special, for any of us:

Who do you like more: the Mercedes-Benz E Class limo or George Clooney?

[Source: Jalopnik]

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How About Wearing Ford Focus Parts as a Necklace?

That’s an unique piece of jewel, no doubt! And it’s not just because of its parts as it is for its beauty. As a woman, I know that’s not a gold jewelry, it definitely doesn’t include diamonds, and that not many of us would be impressed if they will receive it from their boyfriend / husband. I guess it will rather be weird, but for the vintage-style fans, this is definitely a nice piece. It’s made of rhinestones and crystals, needles, nuts, bolts and springs, everything using a car seat material template.

The pretext for creating this jewel is Ford’s 100-year celebration in Britain, as the company was founded in 1903.

The commissioned designer to celebrate this month-long event by creating an unique piece of jewelry made of Ford Focus parts: Katherine Hawkins.

So, do you like the necklace?

[Source: Carscoop]

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