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Harley Davidson Contest for Women

If you are a woman and also bike enthusiast, you can be happy: you are not ignored by bikes makers. Harley Davidson organizes a new contest for female bikers, called “My Time to Ride”. The competition has some pretty attractive prices, which should not be ignored by any chopper passionate. So, here there are:

- a rider training experience for you and a friend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the hometown of the well-known bike producer. Consequently, what you will receive is a round trip to Milwaukee, instruction on how to ride a motorcycle and a VIP Harley Davidson Experience (which sound good and fun).
- a custom motorcycle from Harley Davidson and accessories up to $15,000 value.
- a $1,000 gift card for Harley Davidson motor clothes.

The idea seems to be a great opportunity for bike fans firstly, and for Harley Davidsons secondly. So you should be careful when completing the contest entry form, as the answers given in there are taken into account when the semifinalists are chosen.

What do you think about this contest: if you were a biker, would you have participated?

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Toyota’s Window to the World for Back-Seat Passengers

Today we continue with another innovation coming from Toyota for entertaining back-seat passengers: Window to the World, a smart technology embedded into the car window’s glass which uses an interactive tool to watch the outside world. This innovation is perfect for kids, as it maintains them entertained and can be used as teaching tool too, for kids to learn identifying objects and to correctly pronounce their name whenever they see them.

One of Toyota’s cars already has such a window, with touch screen glass and all the features active. This is how the rear window gets to replace some of the objects you carry with you whenever you travel (such as binoculars) and provides various options, such as calculating the distance to objects that you see from the car, information about what you see on the outside.

The presentation video is below:

This project is the result of a team work between engineers from Toyota Motor Europe and Copenhagen Instituted of Interaction Design, and we think that it’s a really interesting and creative window concept, that has potential to become a real success in the industry.

Would you like such a window in your car?

[Source: Autoblog]

Your Kids are Safer while Grandma is Driving

A study made by the American Academy of Pediatrics has shown that children are safer in grandparent-driven cars compared with parent-driven cars. So, they are half more likely to suffer car crash injuries than while their parents are behind the wheel.

The study took into account five years of data collected from car accidents involving 217,976 children under 15. The mechanism was to gather insurance claim data and results from follow-up telephone interviews, and calculate the risk level of child-passengers injury, by taking into account the relationship between driver’s age and the proper use of child-safety belts too.

The result was that grandparents were 50% less likely to cause significant injury to children in car accidents. In addition, older drivers were less likely to optimally secure children in the restraints, and more likely to seat children in the front seats.

Apparently, the increased children protection in cars driven by elder people is related to the more cautious driving habits of these drivers.

However, you can stay calm: your child is safe, even if his grandma or grandpa takes him home from kindergarten.

What do you think: are elder people really better drivers for you child safe?

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Top Cars for “Smart Women”

Our colleagues from Carwoo have made a top of five cars for “smart women”, whom they define as chicks driving on all sorts of places (from travel destinations to events and festivals) and need large space for their stylish luggage. Which is why they need to have an appropriate car to make their entry.

So, this is the list of cars suggested to this type of women:
1. Hyundai Veloster: a three-door coupe (one on the driver’s side and two on the passenger side), which features all kind of options, which to keep you “connected” wherever you are.

2. Smart Car Pure Coupe: it’s a small city car that comes in sweet girlish colors, which to match all the colors in your wardrobe.

3. Nissan Leaf: perfect for early adopters ladies, completely electric, which offers a great driving experience for any adventurous.

4. Cadillac DTS: a full-sized luxury sedan, with plenty of space in the inside for your friends, which is perfect for the ride meetings with your girls.

5. Toyota FJ Cruiser: a stylish SUV, that looks great and rides like hell, no matter the roads.

What other suggestions do you have?

[Source: Carwoo, Photos, Intro photo]

Great Christmas Gift: Griffin Helo TC’s app controlled helicopter

If you are a mother of a boy, you know how passionate boys are about toys that actually can move without touching them, only by using a remote controller. Among all the great toys a kid could wish for, a flying helicopter seems to be the perfect gift for their adventurous and “on the edge” playing habits. So, the Griffin Helo TC iOS app controlled helicopter could be a great gift for your son for Christmas. We know, it’s too early to think about that, but Griffin plans to release the toy during the Christmas season, which is a perfect timing, we say.

This helicopter can be bought at 34.99 GBP ($50). The application that makes this toy fly comes with the option of controlling the helicopter by an on-screen joystick or by the iPhone’s accelerometer (by tilting the phone around).

[Source: Ubergizmo]

Unfortunately, fun is limited. So, that the Helo TC can only fly for about ten minutes on a full charge and it takes about half an hour to get full-charged.

So, what do you think about this idea of gift for your kid?

The Launching of Land Rover’s “Victoria Beckham Special Edition” Delayed

Most of the time, we have the impression that celebrities are persons from somewhere outside of our world, preoccupied only with fashion, looking good and making lots of money. This is why we have the tendency to omit that, during their daily life, they are regular people too, with regular concerns and regular problems too; that sometimes they cannot honor their “celebrity” duties.

It’s the case of the fashion icon Victoria Beckham, who gave birth to her third child a couple of days ago, which is why the launch of Land Rover’s “Victoria Beckham Special Edition” is currently delayed. The Evoque is the product of company’s new creative design director and has already been finalized, waiting to be launched as soon as Posh Spice is ready to work again.

Here you can see the presentation video of the car:

The launching date and the technical specifications have not been yet indicated. But taking into account Victoria’s fashion style, we expect the car to present some of her influence in the interior design.

So, even famous pop stars are women when it comes to their family, children and personal fulfillment. But still, we cannot wait for the car!

[Source: Carscoop, Photo1, Photo2]

First Fisker Karma will be delivered to Leonardo Di Caprio

Starting this month, Fisker will begin delivering its luxury plug-in hybrid sedan Karma, and we all know women just love luxury cars and would like one in from of their porch. But, ladies, Fisker’s first beauty already has an owner, and this is one of the most talented actors from Hollywood, Leonardo Di Caprio. And we actually know that he does not have a female “owner” yet, so your time is not completely lost. Who else is famous and has this car? The former US Vice President Al Gore and Colin Powell, the former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State.

Now that we have finished with women, it’s time to pass to men. So, dear gentlemen, for you, Fisker Karma comes with a completely series of print adverts for this car, accompanied by a spicy model. Any other words are useless. Unfortunately, this lady doesn’t come with the car.

This car is the result of the former Aston Martin designer Henrik Fisker and it features a battery pack and two electric motors and a gasoline 260HP 2.0-liter turbo four, which charges the battery when needed. The company declared that they have already received other 3000 pre-orders, and their waiting list is until 2012. Impressive, we say!

Henrik Fisker sais about its company’s customers that “are split 50:50 between early-adopting car enthusiasts and total non-car enthusiasts who just like that we are bringing something totally new to the market”.

So, in which category are you: early-adopting car enthusiast or total non-car enthusiast? Because we have already assumed you like the car.

[Source: Carscoop]

[study] 7 in 10 British Women Prefer to Leave Car Servicing to Men

When it comes to car servicing, battle of the sexes has definitely a winner: man. It’s not that all women are not good at cars, but statistically, only 3 in 10 women take their cars for servicing on their own (compare this with seven out of ten men who does this). At least this is the situation in United Kingdom.

The research was conducted by a car servicing network, Bosch Car Service, on 1022 British adults over eighteen. It revealed the fact that the problem comes from women’s fear they have no good experience with that (35% of participating women indicated this reason, while 24% of men have chosen the same answer). However, women might have lately made efforts to improve their driving skills, but men are still better at car servicing duty. No offense, ladies!

The interesting part comes with the next results: three out of ten drivers under the age of 24, regardless of sex, are letting their parents deal with the duty of car maintenance. The same number of persons have indicated they take the car for servicing on their own, while the rest of questioned persons recognized they leave this job to mum and dad. The reasons for this latter category of drivers could be inexperience and also costs.

So, do you take your car for servicing on your own?

[Source: Cascoop, Photo]

Consider Lego Porsche for the Child from the Man Next to You

Have you ever considered buying Lego parts for a real car to the man next to you? I think it could a nice gift, as it perfectly blends two important parts of men’s personality: cars and prolonged childhood. For quite a long time, Lego game has stopped being a preoccupation only for kids. Actually, it has mostly become a game for adults. This is especially because of the increasingly more passionate Lego builders, who, regardless of age, compete in construction styles and techniques, setting higher and higher the bar.

However, the latest cunning is the 911 Turbo Cabriolet PDK, a 3500 Lego parts vehicle, a Lego car that is more than this. Surprisingly as it seems, but this car actually works, including eight electric motors, all-wheel drive system three, remote controls and around 21 feet of wire. Consequently, we are talking about a dynamic model. The steering even turns 2.6 rotations lock-to-lock, just like a real 911.

Watch the video and be impressed:

After all, maybe the idea of gift for building a Lego Porsche is not so bad. He can even use the details provided by others if you somehow consider giving him this demanding job of making the Lego chassis and axles himself.

So, what is your opinion?

[Source: Autoblog]

Electric Water Taxi for Rides in Venice

Women are naturally romantic persons, with very few exceptions. They dream about moments with the dear and beloved man from their lives, about romantic evenings spent in the candle light or, for more pretentious ones, about gondola rides in Venice. But what about some rides in the same Venice and with the same lovely guy, but in this futuristic space, called CAT (City Aquatic Transport)?

CAT is the result of Irish industrial designers from the Curve Creative studio, working at alternative vehicles to automotive traffic from the current urban roads. The project aims at being integrated to the bigger city plans, based on the fact that it integrates a user-friendly pre-booking system, impulsive climbing at docks and imagines city seaports.

In addition to this, CAT has a capacity of four passengers in 360-degree rotating captains chairs surrounding a central table and is connected to current trends too – it uses silent electric motors. The designers have thought about passengers too, so they used a glass roof, in order to offer a non-obstructed view and to make this transportation to be used in all kinds of weather.

Curve Creative studio still have much work to be done on it, for not transforming it in a floating hothouse, but it’s a great, classy and stylish alternative to current road vehicles.

So, ladies, what do you think about a ride in Venice by the water taxi?

[Source: Cleantechnica]

Real-life Cars 2 vehicles – exhibited in Hollywood

If you have kids, you surely know all the characters from Disney animation Cars and your kids already talked over and over again about the racing scenes, sounds or catchy details from the movie, Cars 2. Even if they have enjoyed mostly the storyline, the action scenes or the cars, they have all become fans of this Disney production.

So, for all those persons who have children who liked Cars, we announce you that Peterson Automotive Museum has organized an exhibition in Hollywood of some the most representative Cars 2 characters.

Here are the vehicles presented in the exhibition:
“Acer” (1976 AMC Pacer)

“Queen” (1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn Saloon)

1968 Lamborghini Espada

1985 Renault R5 Turbo 2

“Finn McMissile”

“Mater” the tow truck (inspired by a 1952 International Harvester)

It’s a great place to take your kids. We can not wait to share with us your impressions about the exhibition!

[Source: Autoblog, Intro Photo]


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Car Features That Women Like

Women drivers are somehow different of men drivers, especially when it comes to car features that arouse their interest. This is why car makers constantly try to come up with specific features which to meet their needs. Apparently, women are more interested in functionality and comfort of their cars than men are.

So, here is the list of some car features that women generally like:
- electric pedal extenders: which help shorter stature drivers to seat at the right distance from the steering wheel, so that the airbags to deploy properly.
- gentler liftgate: in order to avoid injuries on the chin or nose when opening or closing the liftgate.
- adjustable seats: for any size and weights.
- interior materials and textures of higher quality: women have the quality to feel the quality by only casting an eye on the fabric, not to mention by touching it.
- buttons, knobs, levers and handles: every woman has sensitive small hands, with long nails, so they need special car accessories.
- longer intervals between mechanical service and better reliability: as every woman hates taking her car to have it checked.
- package holders for shopping: women are shopping more often than men.
- removable and fold-flat seats: for make the vehicle proper, for example, for child carrying.
- climate control: in order to create comfort for each passenger.
- dual radio, stereo and CD systems: for women with children, who don’t care to hear children songs over and over again.

So, what would you add to this list? Which is the car feature that you like most?

[Source: Newcarbuyingguide, Photo]

Storytelling through 3D Photos of the Titanic

For the romantic ones among us, these 3D photos of the Titanic cruise ship are a great opportunity to remember the delightful romance from various screenings about Titanic’s tragedy. Probably, the most famous is the “love story” between the characters played by Leonardo diCaprio and Kate Winslet. However, no matter the characters, our sensitivity is always activated; the story is almost the same every time and the tears equally intense.

Anyway, these 3D photos are the result of a scientists’ expedition to the Titanic wreckage and were revealed in court last week. They are considered to be on the highest-quality of all those taken so far, capturing every inch of the ship.

Hopefully, those images will be someday compiled for the public view too.

So, where does your imagination go when seeing these photos?

[Source: The Atlantic, Intro Photo]

Massaging Seats are for Super-Ladies too

Luxury is never out of fashion and all fancy ladies know this. And when we are talking about a massaging driver’s seat, we definitely support the idea that luxury is also never overrated.

Mercedes-Benz has this massaging option for driver’s seat in its E350, and according to persons who used it, it’s great and highly relaxing. And we personally believe that every business lady should enjoy the benefits of this feature on her way to the office or back home, after an exhausting day.

For the moment, this feature is available only on luxury and also expensive Mercedes-Benz models. But who knows, maybe some day it will be used in everyday cars, for all super-women around the world with less money, but with the same need to relax. That’s because we all deserve to leave our stress behind and doing this while driving might be a great option, once we rarely have time for us and go to the spa for a massage session.

For the moment, the price for this massaging seat on Mercedes-Benz car is of $660, quite expensive, but definitely cheaper than we all would have expected.

So, would you like such a seat in your car if you could have it?

[Source: Motherproof, Photo1, Photo2]

BMW i8 Hybrid Coupe on the Set with Tom Cruise

Ladies, it’s not the case to lose your mind! Maybe you should try to manifest some of your unbridled enthusiasm, because the gorgeous BMW i8 Hybrid Coupe got the leading car part in the new “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol” film.

Even if we personally believe that Tom Cruise’s glorious (and good-looking) times from the first “Mission Impossible” film have passed, we should still appreciate him in the film, for old time’s sake. And for his car too.

“We are thrilled to be involved again in another Hollywood Blockbuster,” said Ian Robertson, BMW AG Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

Check out the video trailer below:

We are talking about the concept version of the upcoming i8 Hybrid Coupe, the result of the study made of Vision Efficient Dynamics. Besides this car, a BMW ¬6-Series Convertible will also appear in the movie.

Which one is your favorite: Tom Cruise or the BMW car?

[Source: Cascoop]


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