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Caterham Planning New Models

After being purchased by the Formula 1 outfit Team Lotus, Caterham Cars has announced that they will expand their lineup, rolling out new models which won’t be based on the company’s popular Seven range. Team Lotus Enterprise, which is the Tony Fernandes-led holding company that owns Team Lotus and Caterham, said that they want to take the current SP.300/R and Seven models to new markets.

Other plans include offering more F1 exposure for Caterham, along with transmitting the technology available in the Team Lotus F1 cars to the road-legal Caterhams. Later on this summer, the company will launch a SP.300/R sports prototype, which will be the first car that won’t be based on the Seven, a Lotus Elise-style 21 roadster of the 90s.

Source: Caterham via AutoCar.co.uk


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  1. Driven says:

    Here are our thoughts on this recent acquisition and why Caterham & Team Lotus will make a great team:


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