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Cell Craft G440 flying concept car

Is everyone going mad or we’d better start getting out more? I mean, after earlier today we presented the diving car, here’s another crazy concept car. The Cell Craft G440 is a flying concept car, designed by Dr. Paul Moller and Gino d’Ignazio Gizio from Cell Craft. With this car sporting seven seats, I can only imagine the discussions: “So, when did you get your driving…uhm…flying license? – Well, two months ago. – Hmm, thanks, but I’ll walk!”

The Cell Craft G440 features four turbines which allow VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing), simplified controls with just two levers (thrust and steering) the car is capable of high-speed horizontal flight and easy handling. The left lever handles power while the right manages tilt and direction. The left lever also features a trigger-like control that allows the G440 to spin on its axis by computer-controlled thrust tube adjustments to the exhaust tubes of each of the four turbines.

So, what do you say? Would you slap your kid if would come and ask you “Hey, dad, can I take my girlfriend out with the Cell Craft?”. You can drop a comment here.

Also, check out more photos after the jump.

28 Responses to Cell Craft G440 flying concept car

  1. Tanja Short says:

    Would be interesting to know how much fuel this car needs. It might be more expensive than buying the car itself.

  2. Steve C says:

    Moller has never gotten one of his “flying cars” to do anything more than wobble in mid air. Don’t give him any press.

    It takes alot of HP to do VTOL… that’s why only military jets and the osprey do it.

    The Moller vehicles are borderline mad professor garage kits.

  3. James John says:

    I would love a vehicle like this, but I’m sorry to say it looks like vaporware. Paul Moller has been hawking this thing for decades yet it’s never been completed. It’s quite possible this latest round of publicity is another attempt to bring in more investors. Note that Paul Moller was sued by the SEC for fraud some years back, in part for making unsubstantiated claims about the capabilities of his Skycar.

  4. Stan says:

    Paul Moller has been hawking this idea or versions of it for almost forty years and still hasn’t been able to demonstrate a working model. He is either one of the greatest hucksters ever or a hundred years ahead of his time.

  5. mike says:

    where are the air bags?

  6. Donal says:

    Well, at least it will be green…

  7. sleeper says:

    he has been pimpin that same POS for decades.
    someone keeps showing this same moller mobile (just a little different) again and again and says look at this new car. he must have satan as his publicist.
    look at mechanix illustrated in the 60′s and
    see one of the first ones that he sold interest in.
    someday when we have no above ground power lines
    and cheap fuel it will be practical for the few
    who could fly a car in a town and not crash it
    and kill large numbers of people.

  8. dallasdano says:

    This thing has been passed around so many times…it looks neat, but I don’t think it’s EVER going to happen.

  9. LCB says:

    Yet another vapor product from Moller.

    When is the press going to do some background research on the good “Dr.” and learn he has been on the verge of developing a flying car for forty years now, touting one model after another that never makes it to market, much less actually flies without a tether??

  10. Dan says:

    first comment ! i want one i have always wanted an electric car or a flying car

  11. Junaid Ahmed says:

    Wow this is definitely an awesome car. Sign me up!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes, you’d better start getting out more. The Moller car is pure science fiction. He’s been selling investors and people who write hype-pieces on this crap for literally decades. Are you going to write about my new time travelling car next? It’s not due to go into production until 2020, but luckily you can buy one now since I can just send it back in time from then!

  13. Chad says:

    What happens in the event of an accident or break down? Too bad for those below.

  14. eco gordon says:

    I like the freedome and excitement of a flying car. I can imagine flying to school or just jetting someplace for coffee if I wanted. I do fear that they would become over regulated and turn into US Airways.

  15. jjc says:

    If you keep it under a mile.

  16. Homer Simpson says:

    Awww crap… not this Moller idiot again. Has ANYONE ever seen ONE of his “flying car” concepts actually accomplish flight (and no, his ‘tethered to a crane’ demo from years back doesn’t count, no matter how many times the media flogs it as a “flying” car).

    Just bullsh*t.

  17. Dwayne Charrington says:

    Whoah… This is madness… No this is Flying Carrrrrrrrr.

    It was only a matter of time before someone invented a flying concept car. just imagine in a few years all of the accidents that would come from flying this, especially teenagers.

    This car would be the ultimtate cause of fatality.

    I’ll buy one when they go mainstream

    - Dwayne Charrington.

  18. daniel Livingston says:

    Moller is a fraud. Been one for years. He has a real “car” that lifts off of the ground using ducted fans, as above but the thrust is only able to do just that – suspend a plastic pod in the air. Only the Harrier aircraft has been successful at great expense at being more than a concept for ducted VTOL because of the required engineering. This article is actually a cartoon. Moller has been sucking in investers on this “concept” for years and is playing to those who droll over other pictures and fantasize…nothing wrong with that, just that Moller makes money with his concepts just as Betty Page did with her pictures.

  19. Jeff says:

    I have been looking at prototypes and concept cars of this model or one close enough to it not to make a real difference for what seems like 15 to 20 years now. I was excited about this when I was still just starting to get hair in strange places.

    I can not, and will not get excited over it anymore until I see one cruising overhead in the sky above me.

    Please stop milking cool stories from last decade.

    Pipe dreams can only last so long.

    I understand that its just a concept car. Here’s a concept, Moller. Start manufacturing and selling them… THEN write about it.

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  21. Phoghat says:

    This car has been “in development” for over a decade. In my opinion it is the worst sort of vapor-ware. This guy Moller is a charlatan at best.

  22. rich5665 says:

    Let me know when the Hybrid is available.

  23. Joel Dolphin says:

    I’m not saying I support the car but to defend one aspect… A lot of people are concerned about what to do if it stops working in midair. That answer is simple. There are small aircraft safety systems that work by means of parachute(s). Airbrakes could slow the aircraft along with rear parachutes, then when the aircraft is slowed enough, a parachute would deploy from the top. It can be done. Obviously there would have to be limits on how low you can legally fly because of the time it takes for the chutes to deploy.

  24. former emp says:

    Moller is just a con-artist who hides behind the technology. It dose work, but it’s unforgiving and very fuel-hungry. The concept eye-candy shown above wouldn’t work, as turbines (turbofans)arent responsive enough to perform stabilization via simple throttling. Mil jets use high speed valves and bypassed air for stabilization. Moller is an inept con man and has never had an original idea in his life.

  25. mad stockholder says:

    After having invested with this guy for years- I can tell you its all a bunch a crap. I mean 400 mph and 30,000 ft, Geez you would have to be a moron to still believe this guy, I just wanted a skycar to take me home from work, but after seeing it at the stock meeting and nearly killing the crew I don’t expect one at all. We were all sprayed will toxic methanol spray and ground debris, it was not fun, but old Moller called it a sucess-well just to get more money, but it has not flown or flopped around since. Hmmmm

  26. Ralph Martigani, Jr says:

    I believe its time we step into the 21st century. We really are behind in technology and we should be ashamed. Albert Einstein once said that one day we would be 50 or more years being in technology because of suppression. Who would know better than Genius, after all he also once worked in the patent office. This concept car would be a blast to the future, am talking about safe and wonderful idea like the Cell Craft G440 flying car. I love this design and if I get my propose Time Travel Adventure movie dream. I will help these men and their cars like skycar and Cell Craft G440 concept get their chance on the big Hollywood screen one day.

    Ralph Martigani, Jr
    Future Director/Writer

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