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Cheap Used Car

Getting a cheap used car nowadays is very easy to do as there are many sources available. People that are interested in such vehicles usually want to find the best car that meets their requirements at the lowest price available. Used cars at affordable prices are not only available from individual sellers, but also from dealers, auctions and on the Internet. If you are interested in such a car you need to be very attentive as most of them are sold “as-is” and they will come most likely without a warranty or a guarantee. If you do want guarantee, you should look for certified cars but these are a little more expensive than the rest.

The first place where you should start looking for such a car would be at independent used car dealers as these will be your primarily source for cheap cars. Many of these lots will have a bundle of older cars that can prove to be a real bargain. Although all these sound very good, you need to be very attentive when selecting the car that you want as many of these automobiles may have hidden flaws. The vast majority of these cars are sold without any type of warranty or a return policy.

You can also find affordable used cars at new car dealers as many of them have pre-owned vehicles, but most of them are relatively late models which mean that their price might not be as low as you might want. Most of the used cars have been taken in trade or are off-lease. The good part about these cars is that they are in a good condition and most of them are offered with warranty.

If you didn’t know, there are other types of dealers called BHPH – Buy Here, Pay Here. This is a special type of independent automotive dealer that has in-house financing, in most cases without checking credit. Almost all of these dealers work locally and you can recognize them by their “no credit check” and “we finance anyone” banners. These dealers have very high interest rates and the payment terms are quite strict.

If you live in the United States in a region where there is a Carmax car superstore, you should know that this is one of the most popular and reputable used-car dealers in the country and they offer many deals, although not all of them are as inexpensive as you might have wanted. They inspect all of the vehicles they have up for sale and provide a limited warranty as well as a money-back guarantee.

This is an article about finding a cheap used car, but don’t overlook the new car bargains as many manufacturers offer from time to time serious discounts for some of their models. Especially on domestic brands and on last year’s cars, automakers offer a bundle of incentives and important rebates that will make new cars very affordable, even comparable to a used car in some situations.

Another way to go is by taking over a car lease. Such cars are usually in good condition and are at the moment owned by people who want to get rid of their lease mainly because they cannot afford it anymore. This is in most cases the cheapest method to drive a late model car that is in good quality and comes with warranty. In comparison to a new car loan, the payments you will have to pay for the lease are lower and there is no down payment. Many of the sellers usually offer cash back as an incentive to the person that is willing to take the lease.

The government organizes from time to time auctions which are overlooked by most of the people. The federal, state and local government and law enforcement agencies will auction their seized and surplus cars. If you are lucky, you could find a very good deal, but you need to know when and where these auctions are organized.

Purchasing from an individual person is the simplest and maybe the most affordable method to get a used car. Start by looking in your newspaper for auto classifieds or websites that have ads divided by area. Usually the seller needs money fast and the ads are “as is”, which means that once you have bought the car it is up to you to deal with potential problems that might occur. Beware that there are some sellers that want to get rid of their car because of some hidden problems that you might not notice.

If you like working on cars, you could rebuild a wrecked vehicle. Cars like the ones declared as total losses by the insurance firms can be bought as salvage cars. Many of these cars are usually with only a few damage problems and can be restored or rebuild without a serious financial investment.

A good source of finding affordable used cars is the ones repossessed by banks. The banks will repossess the vehicles from customers that stop making the payments and default on the loans. In order to recuperate their money, the banks will have to sell these vehicles and usually these vehicles come at a very good price.

If you didn’t know, cities as well as towing firms pick up unclaimed abandoned cars on a daily basis from parking lots, highways or sides of the streets. After they pick the cars up, they start looking for the owner and if they aren’t able to locate him, the cars are sold at auctions, in most cases for a bargain. It might come as a surprise for you but not all cars are junks, some of them are even almost new models.

Regardless of the method you have chosen for finding your used car, the vehicle in cause must be thoroughly inspected by a mechanic as there are many problems that could occur to a pre-owned vehicle. By taking this measure of precaution, you will protect yourself from unwanted future problems.

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