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Cheapest New Car You Can Buy


Let me guess, just scraped enough cash to get a new car and you’re targeting cheap. Don’t feel like taking chances with used cars and the hassling and trouble they pose. Very understandable. New cars come with a solid warranty and insurance that covers just about anything. Despite the considerable depreciation new cars tend to suffer, a cheap new car is something worth investing in, since its depreciation won’t be very noticeable because of the low purchase price. According to the rankings made by AboutCars, these are the most inexpensive cars of 2011.


Suzuki SX4 Sedan


Firstly we head on to the  Sedan which is the perfect example of “loss leader”. It doesn’t have an air conditioning system or stereo, or an automatic transmission, and you cannot pick the color either. These are some of the sacrifices you have to make while keeping it cheap. It does come with power windows and power locks, antilock brakes, and a tiny yet interesting engine with only 2 liters that develops 150 hp. It may be fun to drive and very cute, but still $14,244 is pretty much, yet very little compared to other cars.


Ford Fiesta S Sedan


A little cheaper than the Suzuki is the Ford Fiesta S Sedan. It comes strong on the market bringing 4 doors design, a 120 hp engine and stability control. On the comfort line, it offers an AM/FM radio with auxiliary input. Yet the factor that separates the Ford from the other cars is the sensation you get from driving it. Being designed in Europe this little car is incredibly fun to drive especially when you head on to curvy roads. Outstanding economy and automatic transmission makes it one of the most likeable cars on this list. It can be yours at only $13.995.



Can you believe it if I tell you that for the same price that you would get a Ford Fiesta, you can get a minivan? Kia Soul makes it possible with an incredible price of $13.995. It’s very stylish and an incredible buy. For this price you get air conditioning and power windows alongside with locks. On the multimedia part you get a CD stereo that has an USB input jack. It might have a small engine of only 1.6 liter but it’s as comfortable and as safe as any other minivan. If you don’t mind the absence of automatic transmission and you know your way around the shifter than you’re getting the best possible bargain in the minivan market.




It is naturally that Toyota should make its presence felt on the list, therefore bringing the Yaris 3 door Liftback on display. As usual a ton of features integrated in it like air conditioning and electronically designed stability control. The automatic transmission comes at the very reasonable price of $800. The Yaris is a nice looking easily driven small car which means that you will be squeezing in the smallest and unbeatable parking spaces. As usually dead safe and reliable (remember it’s a Toyota), it makes the perfect choice for the ones that don’t change cars like socks. Who wouldn’t want it for $13.615?




And to everyone’s surprise, the new 2011 Chevrolet Aveo LS Sedan tops them all with only $12.685. Naturally, it’s stripped down of all equipment and features, but it still comes with a radio that has mp3 player plug-in capabilities, Chevrolet’s OnStar and designed for the possibility of installing an air conditioning unit. Despite the base level, Chevrolet offers a complex color pallet that will suite every customer. It’s only drawback is the lack of driving comfort.









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