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Chevrolet Car


We all are impressed by the design and power train of the Chevrolet cars and each year General Motors reveals new and amazing concept cars and production cars which have become part of our lives. The small cars segment is one of the Chevrolet’s departments which offer incredible cars for the interested customers. Some of the most interesting small concept cars recently revealed by General Motors are the Trax, the Groove and the Beat. These highly creative Chevrolet cars drive “the energy, excitement and diversity of the city life into mini cars able to deliver good-looking fun, value and fuel economy” as the officials put it. But for me, the most amazing is the Chevrolet Trax.


Chevrolet Car


This Chevrolet car is one of the three mini car concepts displayed at the 2007 New York International Auto Show by General Motors. The Trax revealed a new style possible for the small car niche with a two-tone exterior. This Chevrolet car was designed by the GM Daewoo subsidiary located in South Korea with the intent to be the “baby brother” of the Aveo. This mini car looks like a small SUV, but in the same time displays a sporty look and attitude.


The Chevrolet Trax is a tall four-door wagon and is addressed to those “who like to go off-road on the weekends”. The front and the rear bumpers and fenders have different colors than the rest of the body. This characteristic reminds us about the early Honda Element while the way the rear doors run to the swing gate reminds you of the outgoing Scion xA. The exterior design of this Chevrolet car is more complex than you would expect it to be in the case of a mini car. The exterior paint is a Blaze Orange with rugged Burnt Orange accents placed on the front and the rear corners. Moreover, this Chevrolet car uses 16-inch wheels and is equipped with Kimho tires that offer a precise ride and handling.


The details related to the interior of the Chevrolet Trax are still a mystery, because the mini car displayed at the Auto Show is only an auto-show design study. That’s why General Motors offered the customers the opportunity to choose the interior features for all three concept cars, in order to manufacture a final product that addresses most of the needs of the future customers.


The Chevrolet Trax is powered by an electric motor and a battery package which drives the rear wheels. To increase the power of this mini car, the engineers also used a gas engine which drives the front wheels and has a capacity of 1.0 liter. Because of this, the Trax is considered to be the only hybrid model revealed by General Motors in New York, a feature that distinguishes it from the other two models displayed. This Chevrolet car will be available with a front or an all-wheel drive system.




This mini car is the perfect combination between performance, functionality, value and an incredible SUV look. It’s an exceptional car which can be driven on the highway as well as off-road. But, unfortunately, this Chevrolet car hasn’t been yet introduced in production, so we will have to wait a little longer until we will be able to own this mini car. What I can tell you about its building reputation is that the Chevrolet Trax was used for the vehicle mode of the Autobot character Mudflap in the well known 2009 movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. So, be patient and get your budget ready! I feel like it’s time to buy a new car!


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