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Classic Car Club

If you enjoy classic cars and you happen to own one, why not join a classic car club? There are plenty of reasons why you should do this; here are just a few that we consider to be among the important:

a) You will be able to meet new people and make new friends who share the exact same interests as you;
b) At these clubs you’ll get technical advice and mechanical tips for your classic car;
c) Participate in activities that concern the entire family;
d) Stay up to date regarding the classic car activities and events;
e) Raise funds for charitable causes and add to the enjoyment of owning such a special car.

Most of these classic car clubs are built upon some type of formal structure and come with their own regulations. The officials who are in charge of running the club are elected and most of the clubs have a president, secretary and a treasurer who work as volunteers. Other organizations which are larger in size will have additional personnel for publishing a newsletter, directing activities and running a website.

To get in on most of the clubs you will have to pay “dues” on an annual basis in order to keep the club up and running. Usually, members pay about $100 / year so that the club can handle the costs for printing, publishing, postage, running a website and insurance. Usually, car club members have their own jackets, T-shirts and jackets which display the name of the club.

The vast majority of these clubs organize meetings on a monthly basis but members value the agenda more rather than the frequency. The meetings that are not able to provide value to the members of the club will soon lose attendance, which is why the focus is on quality, not quantity.

Some classic car clubs have brunch cruises on Sundays at a restaurant which is near where most of the club’s members live for easy access. Your members of the family don’t have to be classic car fans to participate at these brunches as these meeting can be fun for all, regardless of likes and dislikes. Some of the restaurants where members go offer special discounts.

A car club wouldn’t be of high quality if it didn’t host or sponsor a car show event at least once per year. Despite the fact that doing such a thing is very time consuming and involves a lot of work, the rewards are very enjoyable to the members and organizers of the event. The money earned from these shows can be directed to a charitable organization or used in order to fund other future events. We don’t have to tell you how much attention these car shows attract, regardless of their type.

For those that have a competitive spirit in them, car rallies are great additions to any classic car club. In order to keep members motivated, many of these clubs organized at least 2-3 times per year a car rally where the vehicles must drive on pre-established routes over a fixed amount of time, respecting the imposed speed limits at all times. Usually, there are some checkpoints on these routes where the times are recorded.

As you can see, there are lots of things going on at these classic car clubs and what better way to talk, share and debate about these precious cars if not among people just like you?

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