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Classic Car In Germany

Volkswagen Beetle is an economy car manufactured by the German automaker Volkswagen between 1938 and 2003. This German classic car is the most popular car built in Europe having more than 21 millions units sold in the entire world. The Volkswagen Beetle is the longest-running and the most produced car in the world based on a single design platform.

Volkswagen released the economy version of the car in 1938 and decided to call it Volkswagen Type 1. The name was adopted by the public, but in 1967 the German company began using the name “Beetle” as part of their marketing campaigns. This German classic car had drum brakes and a desynchronized gearbox when it first appeared in 1947.

In 1949 Volkswagen upgraded the car’s engine to 1131 cc. As a result, the engine became able to produce 25 horsepower while the designers placed the company logo on the rims. In 1949 additional convertible models became available on the market: the two seats and the four seats versions. The second model was more popular and was produced for over 30 years. The two seats version, known as 14A, was stylish and impressive featuring a rear deck similar to the front hood, a stronger windshield frame and dual Z-section girders which increased the strength of the German classic car. In 1953, this convertible was removed from production, but until then 696 units had been manufactured and released on the market.

The Volkswagen Beetle suffered a lot of changes during the 1950s both on the exterior and on the interior. This German classic car started to be equipped with arm-rests while the gear became synchronized. In addition to this, a new dashboard was designed with a glove compartment included. In 1955, the car had new bumpers, the front seats could be moved in three different adjustable positions and the electrical direction-indicators were installed.

The improvements continued with the new tires which became tubeless. The standard package of the Volkswagen Beetle included side view mirrors. The front window was increased by 17 percent for the 1957 models and the rear window was increased with 95 percent. This German classic car featured a redesigned dashboard, a rear view mirror, a speaker and a radio while the turn signals could be turned-off automatically.

An amazing model released by the German company was the 1958 Volkswagen Beetle 1200 Deluxe. This car had chrome hubcaps, front headlight rings, door handles, bumpers and other incredible features. The interior of this classic car is a rarity nowadays. But you will not be disappointed by its ergonomics, supportive seats and handy controls. The wood grain dash kits are not expensive and provide this interior with an incredible look.

Classic Car In Germany

Under the hood, the 1958 Volkswagen Beetle 1200 Deluxe hosted an 1192 cc engine with four cylinders, placed horizontally and producing 36 horsepower. The German classic car also benefited from a four speed manual transmission and could be driven all day at a speed of 60-65 mph.

For the 1960 models, the engineers offered a more powerful engine which could reach a top speed of 87 mph. The windshield-wiper washer system was also used on this car along with the amber front directional light. In 1963, the Volkswagen Beetle’s seats were covered in synthetic upholstery and the VW logo was placed on the hubcap, but without being painted. The 1965 model became available with an improved front axle and the defroster vent was relocated in the center of the dashboard.

This amazing German classic car was sold in USA until 1978 while in Europe this car continued to be available until 1985.

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