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Classic Car Tattoos

I think that many of us want to mark a special day by getting a tattoo. The variety of reasons which determines people to get a tattoo is large. Some consider that a tattoo represents a form of self-expression while for others is only a way to honor late loved ones, to commemorate special moments they lived or to celebrate the birth of a child. But there are also people who get tattoos only for decorative purposes.

Cars represent an important and popular category of tattoos because there are many people who love classic cars or other dramatic car designs. By getting a classic car tattoo they confirm their passion in front the entire world. But there are also people who get a tattoo of their first car or of a car that they dream of.

The interest of a classic car enthusiast can go back to the first Ford Model T or to the classic lines of the 1970s. Therefore, the classic car tattoos they choose can use as inspirational source these eras. Because of the smooth, artful and classic lines, the vintage cars are perfect for a tattoo and are the best choice if you are interested in black and white designs. A vintage car tattoo draws the attention and makes a statement. You can choose a colorful tattoo but that’s not always necessary. You have a lot of options for its location because vintage cars are small and can be fitted on a bicep, a shoulder, a foot or on the back of the neck. In addition, these classic car tattoos can stand alone or can be worked into a bigger collection.

Classic Car Tattoos

Another classic car tattoo idea involves monster trucks. There are many people who enjoy monster trucks and the events that are focused on them. That’s why for those who enjoy watching huge wheels decimating smaller vehicles and the look of a monster truck, there is the opportunity to get such a tattoo. The best way to represent a monster truck in a tattoo is by using colors because in reality every monster truck is big and flashy. People interested in getting such a tattoo can also choose to tattoo the name of the truck. Even if  monster trucks are usually big, they can look amazing even as small tattoos and can be placed just about anywhere on the body. So it will be interesting to see such a tattoo on a men’s forearm or shoulder or on a women’s wrist, ankle or back of the neck.

Those interested in drag races and Nascar can choose to get a tattoo with their favorite Nascar car or a Ferrari or Corvette race car. I think that these tattoos look better if you use many colors though often, the colors of the sponsor ads that are placed on the original Nascar cars are difficult to integrate in a tattoo because you can risk to end up with a tattoo looking smudgy. It can also bleed rapidly if it’s made only in black.

The people who drive fast cars usually choose bright colors for their tattoos including bright yellow or cherry red colors which catch the eye. This kind of tattoos is better to be placed on the ribcage or the lower back, because there the artist can fit the car and accurately represent all its details. These areas also allow the artist to place the car on a road and make it look like it’s speeding on a never ending highway.

Classic cars tattoos… The perfect combination between amazing, elegant cars and the talent of an artist.

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