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Connectivity of Ford Focus Electric

Many car manufacturers have tried lately to make consumers’ lives easier by announcing different types of applications for smartphones, as a way to blend their new car models with the latest technological devices. In the same direction goes Ford too, one of its latest measure being the partnership with AT&T to provide connectivity for the 2012 Ford Electric.

Apparently, the partnership involves an embedded wireless connection and helps the drivers that already use MyFord Mobile app to supervise and schedule the charging, to receive notifications about battery status and about maintenance checks. In addition, MapQuest provides the near locations of charging stations, alerts, trip planning and the location of your vehicle. All those are completed by the possibility to remotely lock and unlock doors, to heat and cool the car interior and to download system data, offered by the MyFord app or, if this missing, by HTML5-based or WAP 2.0-supported browser.

So, do you think this app will help you in some way?

[Source: Autoblog]