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Creepy! Audi R8 burns on a street in Germany

Audi R8 Fire

Want to learn how to draw a car like Audi R8? Click HERE

You all know the R8 super car from Audi, but I bet you didn’t imagine this. Here is what’s left of a beautiful Audi R8 after it burst into flames on a street in Germany. While it seems there were some reports of several R8s that burned while in development, this is a production model. It seems that fuel spillage is what caused this, but on R8talk forums there are also some other speculations.

Whatever the reason, I think this affects Audi image pretty bad, because I find this unacceptable to a serious producer like Audi, especially on a super car, which is supposed to be at the highest level of engineering. View more photos after the jump.

Want to learn how to draw a car like Audi R8? Click HERE

Audi R8 Fire
Audi R8 Fire

Want to learn how to draw a car like Audi R8? Click HERE

174 Responses to Creepy! Audi R8 burns on a street in Germany

  1. Another Audi R8 is destroyed, this time in Russia | Auto Unleashed says:

    [...] we should start a campaign against Audi R8 cruelty. After some time ago we presented photos of a burnt Audi R8 in Germany, this time we have this Russian dude who, with no respects for his very beautiful and [...]

  2. Verbal says:

    Its like seeing a dead beautiful animal on the side of the road.. :(

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not good, especially since the RS8 V10 development car went up in flames at the ‘Ring just recently. Is anyone else beginning to see a bit of a downward spiral here?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Let’s not assume the driver is totally without fault here. Keep in mind that Audi has told our R8 tech that in no way should anything be modified or touched in the rear of the car. If the smallest of insulation is removed to install somthing like sensors for a radar detector or something it will cause the bumper to melt and if pushed maybe even burn. Audi knows the heat this car generates, it’s up to the person who sells the car to remind the buyer of these potential problems.

  5. moosa says:

    wish no bady in the car

  6. ryan says:

    i am sorry to hear about this belloved sports car burning out i am a big fan of all sports cars so i am sad

  7. rob irwin says:

    audi r8s are s**t and i wouldnt recomend on buying one now………………………………………………………….

  8. bob says:

    nice car

  9. James Prevost says:

    Audi R8s are sweet you faggot. I own two of them already and they are better than both my Lambos and my Ferrari. You don’t know what yo talkin bout man!

  10. jesse says:

    may I have one of your R8′s : )

  11. Nah says:

    Yeah right James, and I own 2 billion pound jets, a space ship and the moon. What idiot would believe that you have those cars LOL!

  12. Tarun Ahuja says:

    I have an R8, an m3 CSL a civic type-r an VXR coupe…and a tricked out mr2 turbo…this cars beats all hands down. drivable and has the umph…yes the pictures scare me…but cu just be a fradlent claim. if mine burns…i have insurance…an worst case…warranty…AUDI will have to pay up…

  13. msc80 says:

    Ok so James Prevost and Tarun Ahuja are millionaires who have earned their fortunes by surfing the net and I have a 21 inch schlong… whatever dudes…

  14. hani says:

    c ding??????????????????

  15. BCDog says:

    It makes me love my 6 year old $9,950 2002 Saturn SL even more.

  16. dsasser14 says:

    whats so wrong with being rich? I am and I enjoy it. that doesnt mean I drive a lambo or a Ferrari ( I’m only 15) but I do have my own movie theater, and the CHEAPEST car my parents have ever owned is a cadi. and btw my uncle told me that he’s buying this car when I get out of school.

  17. dsasser14 says:

    …and my dad is looking at buying a private jet

  18. caner says:

    :( ( I’m crying:( don’t crash :( (

    I love you Audi R8 :( (

  19. T says:

    Remember that spate of Audi R8 prototype fires earlier this year? Well the truth has finally been revealed and it seems that Audi were testing a Lamborghini Gallardo beating R8 V10 turbo!

    The prototypes were fitted with the same 433kW/580hp fitted to the Audi RS6 which would have resulted in blistering Nurburgring lap times. Unfortunately, the heat from the turbos didn’t work well with the mid-engined layout and resulted in overheating engines and as we well know, the odd fire or two.

    Audi have since moved to the normally aspirated V10 and although there is no word on when it will be debuted the Detroit Auto Show in January seems likely.

  20. jacob denver says:

    Ok, If you are rich and you know it, it means nothing if your not humble. I own an M3 and am not rich. But… if I was to buy a dream car it would be the Nissan Skyline R34.

  21. Kids These Days says:

    now now children, stop bickering about your AOMoney and AOCars. Nobody gives a fluck.

  22. Sipiwe says:

    I think the car went up in smoke because the driver was smoking Marijuana, playing Madonna’s music…

  23. Dee says:

    Now, now, leave the Marijuana out of this one, it was definitely the Madonna music that was at fault.

  24. Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney says:

    The R8 Is a great car. All German production models worth their salt had problems. But Audi sets the trend.

    Like the German Panther and Tiger 1 and 2 Tanks, although they all had technical difficulties (Panther could catch fire), (Tigers underpowered and broke down every 100 miles), they set off the need for tanks like the Abrams and vaunted Leopard 2 of today.

    The R8 owners have insurance and Audi will iron out the problem when they get sued. It will all work out. God forbid no one suffers a burn injury or auto accident due to a design defect.

    I drive the Audi S4. I love the car. La Brees Exhaust, Downpipes, GIAC, black on black, Cold Air Intake, sick sick sick. The sound is like heaven.

  25. Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney says:

    The Audi is also the one who set off quattro and the innovative designs of today.

  26. pinto man says:

    i own a slightly used mint condition 1974 pinto, yeah the dealer told me i cant modify anything on the rear of the car as well due to the pinto being a high performance hight-tech machine! you know the usual….. 3 speed manual tranny, no a/c, 12″ bicycle wheels, 1 instrument gauge, a-track player, you know, the works! LOL.

  27. yo welly says:

    yo what the hell is that dsasser14 about saying he is all rich and everything. He doesnt even know rich i will show him rich. My bedroom is 2000square feet and has its own swimming pool sauna and steam room. My dad owns 1/2 of the MGM grand in Las Vegas aswell as a 230ft super yacht and i have had Ferrari f430 from the age of 17. So bring it on big boy dsasser14.

  28. Larry Dallas says:

    If you study comments on thsi page by Provost, Dsasser, yo welly et al, you get the idea that a person’s wealth rises in inverse proportion to their level of literacy. I’m sure Warren Buffett would love to be on here writing: “i own 5 plain’s an 8 Lambo’s omg totally pwned LOL!” but he’s so rich he can’t even write his own name. I’m pretty poor, that’s why I can spell and punctuate.

  29. Rob says:

    I think all these people who claim to have R8′s and lambo’s and private jets should hold up a sign with their username on whilst driving/flying them and have someone take there picture… then we’ll see if they are just bulls**tters.

  30. me says:

    holly s**t

  31. jk says:

    LMFAO AT THESE COMMENTS!…btw im so richi have like 67 lambos, i keep buyin a new one when the tire gets flat or the oil gets durty… or if the mirrors arent already adjusted for me illjust buy another one. so if uwant a good deal on a used lambo get at me LOOOOL

  32. tj says:

    Yippee daddy is gonna buy me a new lambo! Yay! Cos I’m too stupid to make any of my own money!

    Get a job you lazy scroungers

  33. GOD says:

    all of you shut it. i made the world and own y’all.

  34. jordanjerome says:

    why does everyone say the R8 has a V10 if you go to Audi USA it only has a V8. 420hp so where is everyone getting V10 from. I work as a mechanic for an Audi dealership and never seen a V10 R8. They were thinking about putting a V10 but it got denied so they went with the V8.

  35. Ford says:

    You fools!!!

  36. MOSHE MALAKS says:

    it looks bad,but it is still my number one car.


  37. mogga says:

    you are a gang of gimps

  38. DOMi says:

    I call DIBS on the headlights!

  39. Patrick says:

    This is my ideal car, i will buy it finally…. :D

  40. mehere247 says:

    you want rich, well i’m not rich, but click the link (if it shows up)… $310 million for a airbus A380 that just came out (also already owns boeing 747)… Prince of Saudi who has shares in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, Time Warner, Apple, PepsiCo, Walt Disney Co. and some more… also throwin in a couple more million to customize it… and thats fckn pocket change for that fool. now thats what i’m talkin’bout!

  41. waj says:

    After watching this, I was holding a dought that Audi is just want to speed up and beat BMW and Mercides, but now it is simply f**ked up.

    Audi does not have this experience, the R8 engin is a lumbergini ingine wow f**ken s**t.

  42. jason says:

    no good..!!! i wanted one as well..!!!

  43. crackwagon says:

    Hey, just a little newsflash for you dsasser14. YOU are NOT rich. Your parents are. You do not own a movie theater, your parents or family do. Until you actually do something to make your own money, you are living off daddy’s credit. Any parent who would buy a car this exclusive and powerful for a child just out of high school is out of their mind!!! Maybe your family just doesn’t care about your well being, b/c you are not mature enough to handle a car of this calibur. I just turned 30, and am on the waitlist for this car.I will receive the first one of ’09 in my area. I can’t wait for this bad ass machine!

  44. Josh says:

    And it is proven apparently, through several of these posts, that being rich obviously doesn’t mean one is also educated and knows proper grammar and spelling.

    As a college graduate, post graduate and continuing further education, a business owner (at age 29) and owner of one exotic currently and a couple of others in the past, I can say that all the people with money that I know, had enough of an education that allowed them to form complete sentences with proper syntax of grammar, correct spelling and formation of complete words instead of half words and letters substituting as words…..

    Come on kiddies. Isn’t it time to get off the Internet fantasy trip of living lifestyles of the rich and famous and go drink your juice box? I think I hear your mother calling….

    The loss of such a great automobile is indeed sad, but these things do happen, with all cars. But if this is a recurring issue with the R8, Audi needs to stop production and correct the problem. They were just rising to the top, and I would hate to see something like this result in their demise. Such a thing could prevent them from gaining hold ever again.

  45. Purchasing a used MCS - Page 2 - MINI2 - MINI Forum says:

    [...] come on, the do look cool. Except maybe this one: Creepy! Audi R8 burns on a street in Germany | Auto Unleashed [...]

  46. Purchasing a used MCS - Page 2 - MINI2 - MINI Forum says:

    [...] on, they do look cool an you liked the fact that the MINI was unique. Except maybe this one: Creepy! Audi R8 burns on a street in Germany | Auto Unleashed [...]

  47. f**k you says:

    i’m glad it happened

  48. Mariosg021 says:

    Im cryin. I have nothin to say, im lost my words in this picture

  49. pj says:

    What about all the tts that when first released on the autobahn crashed due to no down force on the rear tyres from not having a rear spoiler – audi fixed that problem easily and the 1st phase tt sold record numbers, i sat in one of these r8 at my local dealers – just quality, i could handle some 3rd degree burns to drive this bad boy!!until then my diesel ar will have to do.

  50. v8paulo says:

    That’s a shame and, as previously mentioned, not what you’d expect from Audi and a supercar!

  51. Cold0ne says:

    Hey what kind of rich asshole who owns multiple sports cars would write something like “you faggot” and other inane crap. I smell bulls**t. you dont own a f**king pinto.

  52. Straight6Cherokee says:

    I also happen to be a billionaire at 27 because I invented oxygen, gravity, and drink umbrellas while forming as a zygote. Now I make my money off of some more trademarks of mine that you may have heard of. They include Europe, and the minute. I own four Boeing 747′s, Argentina, and the Indian Ocean. My dad says he is going to build a ski slope from Alaska to Antarctica for me if I ever lose my virginity.

  53. Straight6Cherokee says:

    PS I also have a submarine with a full-size karaoke club and a 4000″ 2160p plasma tv.

  54. Bill France Sr. says:

    i own NASCAR AND THE INTERNATIONAL HALL OF FAME and i gaurantee that none of you have as much money as i do and i have a BUGATTI VEYRON that bitch has a w 16 and it kills a lambo u poor daddy’s boys

  55. sixteacup says:

    Wow, I was only looking to find pictures of various colours of the R8 so I can decide which exteriors to get when I chanced upon these accident pictures. Just made my waitlist deposit today. Hopefully get the badboy in late 09 or be the first to get the ’10. Also hope fire and overheating won’t be an issue by the 2nd and 3rd generation. Anyone know the official comments from Audi on these fires? Danny

  56. Pity.... says:

    In response to the earlier query about the RS8 V10 – it is a TDI (diesel) V10 that is still in the experimental stage, but was presented to the public as a concept for future production. It is more powerful that the current engine, and being a TDI, burns diesel and has less emissions – also slightly more mpg (If you care, after having bought one of these :)
    Audi was having insulation problems with the earlier R8s as the streamlined engine bay was too cramped to isolated all the superheated components – an issue which ash been resolved since then (or so Audi says..) This is still a pity, as it is a beautiful car .No, I don’t own one, and never will, unless I rob a bank or something – but I have seen one in the metal, and pictures don’t come anywhere near doing it justice.It is simply beautiful. So, all you owners, “owners” and wannabe owners – please treat your R8 with love and respect.

  57. sheik anis says:

    u all talk about money, u say ur rich, you say u can buy the world, but the probelm is am not selling it.. hehe ….

  58. phil says:

    …the only way an Audi looks good! BMW is the beeeeeeeeeest!!!

  59. billhassen says:

    u can all cry now ..we all know the R8 is in a class of its own,but my 2007 lambo galardo spider is the best ride for the buck its all u need in an exotic set of wheels its a pussy magnet lol lol lol…………

  60. AlineUsagi says:


  61. Nayman says:

    nn cigrave pour une voiture comme ça AUDI R8 mieux que tout les voiture du monde

  62. Horse's mouth says:

    Ok millionaires, billionaires, zillionaires and general fans of the R8, it currently comes in a V8 normally asperated petrol, soon to follow is a V10 normally aspersted petrol, also there is going to be a V12 forced asperstion (turbo) diesel, and you can get really excited at the fact Audi are also bringing out a spyder version, with the V8 and V10 engine options

  63. aktionman8 says:

    hey guys,i just bought space…all of it…cash

  64. tommy says:

    well well well i would buy 1 still just keep a fire truck nere the fuker well better then the bugati and u could buy 12 r8s instead of a bugati soo think wisely y dint it burn in iraq

  65. Zero X Owner says:

    meh. Get a Tesla Roadster. They’re safer and more fun than an R8.

  66. jimr says:

    fu all you rich kids in your 20s and 30s
    you are just a bunch of spoiled rotten losers.

  67. fur burgershaver says:

    I would still buy a R8 jus don’t throw your roach out. The window and your R8 won’t blow up, plus most you dudes ain’t rich so keep smokin

  68. cris says:

    wtf guys this car isn’t that expensive only 500.000euros , if you can’t afford it you are a loser , cya , try work some money and buy it , it isn’t expensive . Learn how to make money , easyly , cya

  69. cris says:

    by the whay i have an Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 with 500HP its very prity , i recomand it

  70. Billyjenn says:

    Wow – what an expensive fire…makes me somewhat change my opinion of Audi!

  71. wax says:

    :X:X:X ohh my god

  72. Chaos says:

    Apr 16th, 2008

    you sir are an idiot. You actually work for Audi do you? They should fire your ass. Learn your s**t, there is a V10 as well.

  73. ANON says:

    Still looks great though!!!

  74. tarik nacibi says:

    The R8 Is a great car. All German production models worth their salt had problems. But Audi sets the trend.

    Like the German Panther and Tiger 1 and 2 Tanks, although they all had technical difficulties (Panther could catch fire), (Tigers underpowered and broke down every 100 miles), they set off the need for tanks like the Abrams and vaunted Leopard 2 of today.

    The R8 owners have insurance and Audi will iron out the problem when they get sued. It will all work out. God forbid no one suffers a burn injury or auto accident due to a design defect.

    I drive the Audi S4. I love the car. La Brees Exhaust, Downpipes, GIAC, black on black, Cold Air Intake, sick sick sick. The sound is like heaven.

  75. audir8 says:

    hey guys
    my dad owns one of the audis
    but after he saw this he never wanted to drive it no morwe so he leaves it in the garage
    how sad :(
    join me on youtube
    and music will always be there any if you like

  76. temptattz says:

    every car new car made has problems and it may take a couple more year to fix all the kinks out but thr R8 is a beautiful car and who cares if the had a couple burn to the ground…. its not the only car to burn due to manufactor defects… but to all the little bitchs talkin about how RICH they are… who care and YO WILLY needs to come up with better s**t than ive been drivin F430′s since he was 17 cause that would make u about 22yrs old cause the F430 first come out in 2004 so if ur rich its not ur money its ur parents.. so congrats u have rich parents!!!!

  77. Happy says:

    One dark cloud doesn’t make it winter. One burnt out car doesn’t make a burning series. All new machines have teething troubles. I don’t have an R8, but I have enjoyed a lot of my neighbours’ bored wives in the backseat of my Audi 100. Only cost a bit of gas and a meal or two….and not a 160,000 EUR R8. It’s not the car it’s the technique; and ladies like a man who can spell ). Imagine how I would do with an R8, too!!!

  78. damn kids stfu!!! says:

    Listen. the audi r8 is a beautiful car. My uncle owns one and hes let me drive it a couple times. and thank you temptatts for calling him out on the f430 i was going to say the same thing myself. I drive an audi s4 and the thing runs beautifully… R8 are just pretty cars and they would only be fun if i was driving one in europe. whats the point of having ferraris and lambos if u cant push them to there limits on the usa roads?…

  79. charliebmwnowprius says:

    To all the rich people who are and are not…I am pretty well off because of luck, luck, and determination. I drive a Prius and spent most of my time doing charitable deeds. Nothing wrong with owing nice things if you earned it but if not your not hot s**t in my book.

  80. Your Mom says:

    If you push them to the limits on the USA roads, they’ll be obliterated just like the Audi R8 picture posted at the top of this website.

  81. Z06 RoadMaster says:

    Looks like a hot Z06 Vette happened to come up behind him…

  82. guy says:

    why would you pay money for this car when you could buy a zr1 for around the same price? the zr1 s**ts faster than this car

  83. audi says:

    I think audi need to die

  84. Rufus McDufus says:

    “hey guys
    my dad owns one of the audis” No he doesn’t.

    PS the ZR1, just like any corvette is a major piece of sh**. Just whack a huge lump V8 in the front a cheap plasticky car and there you go. The US car companies have been doing this since the 60s and have not had the brains to change their strategy. Great in a straight line but handles like a tractor. The audi is elegant, superbly designed, well balanced (mid engine not front engine) and hugs the road like a real sports car. The issue with the fire is not common and I’d guess is more likely to do with a moron american mechanic f***ing up the fuel lines during a routine service rather than audi. Forget the ZR1, it is more a toy than a sports car.

  85. Dr.Brink says:

    Wow, all of you people that talk about owning all this stuff and abundances of cars, etc. are so foolish! Unless you are talking about ‘need for speed’, no-one believes you! You’re all most likely 15 years old (or have an equivalent maturity level) You will probably never own a car like this, or get laid. I am buying myself one as a reward for graduating from law school. A dream car (recently decided on this beautiful car!) has been my motivation for the last 11 years and I will admit, I’m not rich (yet :P ) and will have to take out a big loan and my dink is not 36″ long, however my bikini model girlfriend does not seem to mind all too much though.

  86. CARBY says:

    i think the problem is within the engine itself, either it overheats too much or the surrounding components are not well designed since this is a lambo gallardo engine i have seen alot of gallardos burnt up , i mean alot of lambos and since this R8 is running using the same engine its possible that its facing the same problem.

  87. me says:

    Lovely car, want one and ima work hard for one. Anyway, lambos have burnt due to factory faults and so have many super cars, let’s just be honest, most of you are just jealous you don’t have one.
    Take care

  88. CARBY says:

    trust me im not jealous at all and for the record i might end up having a R8 cause i drove and i fell in love with it , but the problem is this is not the first R8 to catch fire.

  89. me says:

    yeah yeah whatever

  90. EuropeanCarsAreAwesome says:

    OH MY, what a beautiful car that had just been left alone to die! And Audi r8 was my favorite car x{

  91. Amy says:

    I’d still like to have one.

  92. me says:

    Same here, I’ma still get one, just a matter of time

  93. Not a Loser says:

    Considering that nearly every person who posted claims to have either driven or owned a R8, it seems pretty statistically unlikely, since only 300-400 a year make it to the US, and I doubt 20% of all the buyers happened to post in the same place. Just sayin.

  94. Vlad Balan says:

    Good point there, Not a Loser :D

  95. Rich gurrllll says:

    Now now children. I have 670 hp 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Amazing what $500,000 and a little knowledge about cars can do.
    But that’s just pocket change i’m so rich.
    I wipe myself with a few million everytime i take a shilt.
    I own 28 Lambos and 46 BMW 531i’s i have 23 private jets with W18 engines in those bad boys. I also put a W36 engine in my Ford Escort. It’s a decent car but nothing compared to Bugatti Veyron which I put wings on so it can fly.

  96. NgaLva says:

    I have a W36 Ford Escort too but some niegro stole it

  97. Dayton,17 says:

    Jeez-guys, i was just looking for some pics of an R8 cause they are rather neat car. But look what i stumbled across..a battle of egotistical pricks who are so corrupt in the head that they feel motivated to post false comments about thier economic status, and life. stop trying to make others envy you, go out and enjoy life, stop drooling over a car that you can’t lay your greasy hands on. by the way it’s just a freak accident.

  98. Tigerhawk says:

    I plan to work my arse off and hopefully one day get one of these bad boys in white.

  99. Randy says:

    The R8 with the Gallardo V10 has the same problem as the Gallardo. The spark sensor turns off a whole cylinder bank if it senses any plug isnt firing. Unfortunately the geniuses at Lamborghini forgot to tell the fuel pumps to stop sending fuel and you end up with catalytic converters full of fuel catching fire. The Gallardo has the addition problem of a factory habit of not tightening drive shaft bolts. Eventually a drive shaft breaks free and destroys hydraulic lines nearby, spewing hydraulic fluid all over the hot engine and exhaust… Instant toaster.

  100. Who cares? says:

    I suppose i’m the only girl here, but anyway i just looove the Audi R8 and to be fair i’m sure that Audi already did somethin to take of the burning R8, or maybe if u can already effort an Audi r8 u might get your own firebrigade!!!
    Oh and also, u guys just don’t know how f**kn hilarious u are talking’bout ho got the most expensive something, that’s soooo not impressive man!
    I mean don’t u know the sentence “If u got the money spent it wisely, there are people who need it more then u” and bla bla bla.
    Also u might just say all this cuz U HAV A SMALL DICK and the cars are the only impressive on you….aw what a shame :)

  101. mareelyn says:

    omgg if you guys are so richh. :]
    let me be your GF. HAHAHAHA.

  102. Conte says:

    Ther is another Audi R8 which it burst into flames on a street in Romani on Bucuresti/Pitesti highway !! soo dramatic…

  103. eni says:

    schade für dein audi: (

  104. Mustang Owner says:

    The Audi R8 V10 TDI will not see the light of day. It’d be cool to have a 500HP diesel super car, but not gonna happen. The Audi R8 5.2 FSI V10 WILL see the light of day. Should be out for model year 2010.

    As for the fire, it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle it is. Only exotics ever get shown on the web. Thousands of cars burn every year. Go to wreckedexotics.com and I’m sure there are plenty. that doesn’t make the Audi a bad car.

    I used to fly on a 30+ year old helicopter that killed hundreds in the mid 60s because it would break in two in mid flight. But the manufacturer didn’t scrap production. They fixed it, and they are still flying today. Same goes for new model cars. Sometimes you don’t know what problems are going to develop until they actually do. If it is a recurring problem, then the manufacturer knows it needs fixed and isn’t just an isolated incident.

    Most of you on here are just idiots. For all you “rich” kids…Don’t be smokin’ weed while driving your dented Cobalts to school.

  105. kysi says:

    BMW owns Audi any day of the week. BMWs are rear wheel drive, 50/50 weight distribution sports cars. Audi’s are not. Deal with it. BMW is the ultimate driving machine, not Audi, as you can no doubt tell by this picture.

  106. Randy says:

    Mustang Owner.
    Unlike most manufacturers Lamborghini refuses to acknowledge the faults with the Gallardo catching fire all the time. They are the same reasons that the Audi R8 with The Lamborghini V10 have caught fire. Maybe Audi will force Lamborghini to do something about the computer pumping fuel into the hot catalytic converter because Lamborghini is ignoring customer requests for assistance with their design fault. As for the fault that causes single rear wheel lockups in Murcielago’s at high speeds they refuse to accept responsibility or even look into that fault. This problem has caused multiple deaths to occupants and serious injuries to survivors and I believe a class action law suit may be on the cards. Survivors of accidents caused by the fault are now banding together to start legal proceedings.

  107. sertac says:

    AQ o araba bende olucak yan?cak intaar ederim aq

  108. Night Habits says:

    This is a response to kysi!
    BMW ‘OWNS’ Audi?
    The Bavarian Money Waster, is a brand I will NEVER EVER go back to, now that I have discovered Audi!
    If you enjoy spending money, you can keep your hands in your pockets, to spend on maintaining it. & while your hands are there, you can have your cheap pleasure for the day. Because if you own a BMW, you will never be able to afford a life!
    Plain and simple.

  109. maly says:

    OMG!!!this is horrible! i love this car! how could this happen?!?they better fix it because where getting one-lol-soon. NO! i don’t care about what happened to the driver i only care about the car!!!:( NO! bmw is not better!! ahhh i want to cry! my most favourute car- but this is not going to change my mind about audi- i love audi!
    and thats final!

  110. maly says:

    at least the front end servived:l
    thats 200,ooo dollars goon down in fire

  111. waf says:

    i love audi, but bmw is a next level

  112. james says:

    oh my gosh what happen to the beautiful car of audi R8.

  113. micke says:

    haha inte bra inte bra men jag måste säga att både Audi och Bmw är riktigt bra märken det finns nog liknande bilder på en BMW så var inte så belåtna över att ni inte ser bilder på en BMW men jag vet att BMW har problem också köpte en sprillands ny M5 2006 4månader senare brinner hela el systemet upp inklusive inredning så jag avstod BMW och köpte mig en S4 och är riktigt nöjd och inte haft problem med den så nja det är nog ett lotteri men all credd till både Audi och BMW.

  114. Nico says:

    I’m glad I rad this as the Audi or yhe lambo was my next choice. As far as BMW any one that thinks they are not top notch has not done their homework.

    I had a mercedes AMG with a repair record twice as tall as I’m I wanted them to break the lease and lease me a new one but they refused to so I said screw them and got BMW great car, better car and the best warrantee around next to hyundi all of my service is totally covered for 4 years and 50k miles. So how anyone can say they cost a lot of money is buying old used cars I guess. I get a new one every 3 to 4 years so no repair bills or and I lease so I can write it off.

    I’d love to have an Audi R8 if they get that shit fixed. If not maybe a Porsche.

  115. tommas says:

    I like the cars from the Audi company,
    but who would not like Audi cars?

  116. stuey says:

    Ah thats not so bad.

  117. catalin says:

    nu e fain acidentu o sa iti dau poze pe ID al mn bn eu sunt alex viul tau…

  118. Oombop says:

    I wonder how often this happen with the R8, but still this is one of my most favorite supercar. Exotic-simplicity is what this car is IMO…I’ll go for Audi anyday before you can get me on a bimmer.

  119. Al says:

    I eat BMWs for breakfast with my Mercedes SL, and 911s are staring at my rear in my MR2 Spyder Custom, that’s right boys and girls, power to weight ration, not horsepower wins the race along with skill. Audi is nice and fast, but not the fastest. I am building a custom race car that will eat Bugatti, weight 2200 lbs 1000hp. R8 burns like other exotics. So sad.

  120. Dayton Hartwell says:

    Dude, either your full of Sh*t, or your really, really dumb. Sir I would outrun you so easily in my x6 with your 2200lb 1000hp freak machine(on a track not a strip). However I want to know what your SL is made of(if you have put it on the track i mean).

  121. KOSOVAR! says:

    Qfare seni qa e ka bo makines kaq makine e mire e ka bo per” me shit per hekra bile nuk e di a e kishin marre pe hekra”.HAHAHAH,shume keq aaaaaaa sory.

  122. eddie says:

    i love audi…..if it burns i rather burn with it….cos the r8 is jst 2 perfect for me…

  123. Playz a makin says:

    Hate on, haterzzzz

  124. He says:

    Id take the rims and then just clean them up a little.

  125. Paul DeLasaux says:

    I think it’s irresponsible to say Audi did anything wrong. “Whatever the reason, I think this affects Audi image pretty bad.” Why? If someone lit a fire underneath it would it effect Audi’s image? As usual, Vlad Balan is idiot jumping to typical conclusions, ones that he has manufactured. Facts and evidence are the most reliable influences of opinion, if the truth is the desired result. There are no facts in this article and until they are gathered ii is more Vlad hot air and assumption.

  126. Rob Fenton says:

    Porsche 993tt owner. I test drove the R8 recently and found the car to be amazing. It was begging for a speeding ticket more so than my Porsche!

    The car just says RED LINE me baby!!! I did bring a bag of marshmallows along just in case. I would own one in a heart beat, but I also own a fire proof racing suit.

    Honestly, the car is badazz and I would probably buy it over a new 911 turbo. Being such a Porsche purist, I never thought I would say that EVERrrrrrrr!

  127. Iris says:

    I love this car… my boss just brought one in and I feel blessed to even be a passenger. Every manufacturer has to deal with issues with their cars, and I know for a fact that their warranty is awesome (seeing as I had to go over the paperwork). If you can afford one, get one.

  128. oumiddoch says:

    I love this car

  129. haimes says:

    makes me sad to sa such a badass car burnt down :( Rather give it to me and ill keep it in tip top shape for 100 years

  130. khaleef hallett says:

    audi is the only way to drive my dad own them for year. i have never seen an audi on a tow truck no matter the weather. ive see bmw

  131. kitty says:

    oooooooooff tears rolling down my cheeks.. how i wish id never come accross dis pick at all…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. kitty says:

    plz could u lend me a pinch of dose ashes so that i cold smear some on my forehead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Thiago Huari says:

    Esse ai se fudeu todo!!! ahhahahahahahah

  134. amanda says:

    most of you need to learn how to type and spell. If you can’t even speak properly, I don’t know how you’re planning on being successful enough to own an R8. “cuz itz da beszt car evuh lyke OMGZ!!!”

    but this is sad, almost as sad as the video I watched on youtube before of a totalled GTR :( RIP amazing super cars

  135. Kel says:

    Why do these cars burn up completely EVERYTIME!!! :/


  136. tomi says:


  137. midou says:

    I can not watch this i feel seek its my best ever i still LOVE audi

  138. manz says:

    i cant believe this!
    This is one of my favorite car:)
    m lovin it:)

  139. Myzzo says:

    I can’t believe that something like this would happen!!! This is one of my favorite cars. I am getting one soon when the new 2010 ones come out, and right now i have a BMW M3. Cannot wait to get rid of it for that Audi!

  140. matthew says:

    Audi’s own everything is all those other car and i mean all of them can suck my dic

  141. matthew says:

    and i fell sorry for your Audi wow good job

  142. [...] for, and get some life threatening experiences alongside their expensive supercar.We’ve seen Audi R8 models burst into flames or catch fire on the road, but now a new incident has been reported, concerning a Ferrari F430 [...]

  143. samy says:

    i hate that car its a godd thing it burned!!! :D

  144. tom says:

    lol omg

  145. shahalom says:

    i own Audi r8 it’s very fast

  146. nonome says:

    Poof goes another one. How many are out there? http://www.seattlepi.com/national/423248_rarecarburns12.html

  147. [...] Audi R8 model which caught fire as it was rolling down the road. After seeing such cases happen in Germany, the Netherlands and even Romania, now the USA has seen its own R8 blaze.This time, the story is [...]

  148. [...] Ferrari 458 Italia owners are becoming more and more nervous. Still, at least they don’t own the current most fire-prone supercar, the Audi R8.Source: Wrecked ExoticsShare Email Bookmark Print Digg Reddit More If you want to know every time [...]

  149. arjeta says:

    mirdita te qithve naj ne mis arjeta si po kaloni qa u ba me at kerr qe koka ba llom hahahh sa qyna shum bre audi bet te koka haha gud baj

  150. [...] Yet another Ferrari 458 Italia on fireBy Andrey on Aug 25, 2010 in FerrariNo comments It seems that the Audi R8 should move over as a new model has become the most flammable exotic supercar in the world. We are, [...]

  151. D?asta says:

    MASAKRA.! Takie pi?kne auto…

  152. [...] currently dominating headlines with its fire prone nature, a new incidents seeks to keep the also flammable Audi R8 on top.Manchester City football player Mario Balotelli has crashed his matte black Audi R8 on the [...]

  153. Wal says:

    Should have been able to outrace the flames.

  154. wano says:

    Chevy Camaro rules. U Pansies.

  155. nishant says:

    its a burning train

  156. nazne says:

    i know mines burn to. my a4

  157. nazne says:

    its sad to loose so much money

  158. Crazyshawn says:

    Wow… that sucks …BUY AMERICAN!!!! THIS SHIT DOESN’T HAPPEN and everthing is wayyyy cheaper … Had to replace a headlight on an A6 what a PoS 250$ for the case WITHOUT the bulb……. Plus the pain in the ass working on these things everything is smashed in there and wrapped in plastic … no wonder this thing went up in flames

  159. zelim says:

    Oh, my poor audi, what happened?

  160. crazy audi says:

    omg the guy who bought this car can buy another one cause if you own this car it means you have money

  161. asdf says:

    Audi should at least put highly flammable hazard signs on new R8s.

  162. miridoni says:

    o sa i mir to kuka valll

  163. big ol nigger says:


  164. kasper the mean bean says:

    it’s just a waste of a very cool car!

  165. JohnnyPieter says:

    Hi I wuldnt mind if one of mine burnt out cos i can jstr buy 10 more. MY dad says if its not new get rid of it so let the olde ones burn man! haha BTW i am getting the new lambo soon, the one that can do 100km/h in 2.9 seconds, although my mitsu evo can do 100 in 1.8 seconds. and it has not caught fire yet!

  166. Andra Zaharia says:

    We must say we’re pretty envious of your car possessions. Still, if you promise to give us a ride, we might not hate you completely. :) ) We’re joking, of course.

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  169. Orest says:

    wow wow wow this is a dangerous car

  170. sabyasachi says:

    my very sexy r8 wht happen to u

  171. jayson says:

    what is money its just a paper? buy new one ..

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  174. You have made my dat says:

    I have not laughed this hard in a long time. these rich guys and the responses have really got to my ribs. anyway. I remember before becoming this rich, how i used to dream by posting on the internet that i was rich and all. and now that i am rich, i encourage all who are posting about being rich, to keep on posting. Btw the billon pound spaceship owner, the 64 trigger Lamborghini happy buyer, the million dollar sh**t wiper. all these are my associates. We hang out together and we understand where you are coming from

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