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Datsun revival confirmed

Carlos Ghosn is the chief executive of Renault-Nissan and he has confirmed earlier this week in Indonesia the revival of the Datsun brand. The cars that will be wearing the Datsun badge will be sold only in certain territories, such as the south-east Asian nation, along with India and Russia. These three markets will get the first vehicles sometime in 2014. Other emerging markets will follow.

For a brief history lesson, the Datsun cars were commercialized between the years 1932 and 1981. After this period all of the models got the Nissan name, while rumors of a possible revival of the Datsun name have been circulating the Internet in the last few years, and now we have an official confirmation that the brand is back in business.

Datsun (new logo pictured) will be Nissan’s third global brand along with Nissan and Infiniti. The Japanese automaker’s new plan is to invest 33 billion Japanese yen in increasing the production at the company’s Cikampek factory which is located about 80 km near Jakarta. By 2014, the total annual capacity of this plant will be increased to 250,000 units, while the number of employees will expand to 3,300. By 2015, Nissan wants to expand the number of sales outlets to 150.

Source: Nissan via Autocar

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