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Diesel Hybrid L-ATV Might Replace The Humvee In The U.S. Army


The legendary Humvee will soon be retired and the favorite vehicle to replace it is the L-ATV developed by Oshkosh Defense. It is motivated by a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain that provides a higher range in comparison to the Humvee. Thanks to this extended range it means that the Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV) can survive more on the front lines.


The vehicle has been fitted with advanced body armor that eliminates the problems encountered by the Humvee with improvised explosive devices. This armor can be customized depending on the specifications of the military operation.


The L-ATV features a TAK-4i independent suspension system that provides 20 inches of travel to each wheel. The manufacturer says that the L-ATV offers 25% more suspension travel than any other vehicle that is part of the U.S. Army fleet.

Source: Inside Line

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