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Don’t drink and jump on Lambos!

What happens when you get drunk and then listen to your retarded friends? Well, this happens. Frankie Hulme, some English guy, got drunk and, goaded by his friends did this stunt presented in the video below. But that’s not all, the stupidity doesn’t end here. The second day, he went again with his friends to a pub, to watch a game and started to send the video with his cellphone, via Bluetooth.

His bad luck was that in the pub there also was a friend of Neil Greentree, the Lamborghini Murcielago’s owner. So, of course, the police was notified and now our friend Frankie has to do 100 hours of community service, can’t leave his house between 8pm and 6am on weekends for the next four months, plus he has to pay a £1,000 ($2,000 or €1,440) compensation to the owner, even though the damage exceeds £20,000 ($40,000 or €29,000).

36 Responses to Don’t drink and jump on Lambos!

  1. simon says:

    What a c*nt.

    And it’s a Murcielago, not Gallardo.

  2. Vlad says:

    Yeah, simon, I edited the post, sorry for the mistake but I was just as drunk as the guy in the video when I wrote it :) )

  3. Webmaster Blog says:

    idiot… got what was coming to him in the end though

  4. Tai says:

    If that was my civic would they have pressed the same charges? i thought not.


  5. dog says:

    Dude, so not cool. I f n hope someone smashes up your car so you know how it feels to have a f***face wreck something of yours for no reason.

  6. Stephen Glauser says:

    I really don’t think he did much damage to the car, although he’s absolutely stupid for doing it. I would’ve punched him.

  7. someguy says:

    Hate to be grammar nazi, but it’s “notified” instead of “noticed”.

    Also, it should be “even though the damage exceeds ” instead of “even if the damage exceeds”

  8. Vlad says:

    If it were a Civic Mugen RR like the one here:
    who knows? :D

  9. Vlad says:

    @someguy: I’ve noticed the first mistake, but thanks for poiting me the second one, but I already said I was kinda wasted :)

  10. cogidubnus says:

    The value of the car is irrelevant – our little Fiat cost us just £350 (about £700) and was a real little bargain – if I caught this retarded little s**t at it, I’d literally take him off at the knees…the last little turd who touched my car now walks with a permanent limp (both legs) – this useless little moron would never walk again…

  11. cogidubnus says:

    $700 I meant

  12. cogidubnus says:

    I meant, of course, $700 (rough equivalent of £350)

  13. CorneliusBear says:

    That left $40,000 worth of damage?

  14. Vlad says:

    Yeah, you’re right, it doesn’t really matter how expensive as long as it’s your car, but especially when the car’s a Lambo

  15. ANARCHY-TV.COM says:

    This is stupid, what damage?

    To say the ‘damage’ exceeds $40,000 is total bulls**t. It doesn’t even exceed $20 worth of a can of polish. If your can’t handle footprints then its not built very well, because if it can’t handle a footprint its not going to handle gravel kicked up from the truck in front of you.

    The paint job on the entire car isn’t worth $40,000, so how could it be worth $40,000. The poster is full of s**t.

  16. advil says:

    i dont get it… is the vid only 15 seconds or is something wrong

  17. shoota says:

    how could the damage be 40000? he simply ran over, a good body shop should be able to take that out for well under 8000

  18. Vlad says:

    Anarchy, my friend, I don’t know, it’s not my Lambo, I never owned one and I’m sure neither did you. These are the facts, I’m not bulls**tting you.

    Yes, it’s only 15 seconds, they didn’t film the part where he gets his ass kicked :D

  19. Vlad says:

    I’m not going to say this again…read the post…the police made the guy pay $2,000. The owner claims the damage is $40,000 and I don’t think he’s bluffing, because if you pay a few hundred thousands for a Lambo, you don’t need to lie to get 40 grands.

  20. al Day says:

    vlad says: you don’t need to lie to get 40 grands.

    I don’t know what sort of damage was done, but making it 40K might not be to get the money for himself so much as to punish the asshat. Maybe, just a thought.

  21. Vlad says:

    @al Day
    Yes, I thought about it too, I mean, if that was my car I would sure be pissed

  22. Chaos Motor says:

    A several hundred thousand dollar car that can’t take the weight of a 200 pound doofus is not worth a single penny.

    I spent $200 on my car and I’m pretty sure a 500lb fat-ass could run back and forth across it all day without damaging a thing.

    A fool and his money are soon parted. Good job spending the value of a mortgage on a tin-can pile of crap.

  23. Chaos Motor says:

    Also, did the Lambo come with a penis extender?

  24. Steven says:

    Tai Says:

    If that was my civic would they have pressed the same charges? i thought not.

    Why would they? It’s a civic and the damage might be a whole 2 dollars on a crap car like that.

  25. joey joejoe says:

    if the roof skin was dented and left a crease after being popped out, i can guarantee that the cost of popping out front and rear windows plus the roof lining and associated crap that holds it in to replace the roof skin would have cost off all of that if it was done by a dealer.
    if i was my car i would have asked the judge to let me have 5 mins in a room with a baseball bat and some steal capped boots and get 20k worth of ‘panel beating’

  26. Tudor says:

    I think the punishment is pretty big but maybe he didn’t had the money to pay for the damage and that is why.

    Anyway in my opinion is unfair.

  27. Bobby says:

    If you are stupid enough to park a car like that on the street you have yourself to blame. If it had been a Nissan none would have cared…

  28. JD says:

    £20,000 – £1,000 = £19,000
    So, who’s gonna pay?

  29. Vlad says:

    Looks like nobody :)

  30. Michael says:

    You’d have a car like that insured right ? Surely it would be affordable with a wallet that big. The £1,000 can pay the premium :) .

  31. Ikari says:

    Hold on, what the heck do you guys mean there wouldn’t be 20k’s worth of damage? how do you know exactly?? by looking at a cr@ppy 15 second video you can figure that out yeah??

    A number of things could have happened. He could have put his put through the engine cover snapping something or other, broken the window, any number of things.
    You’ve got to remember these cars aren’t built for every day use they are performance cars not school run cars.

    Plus, they don’t exactly make a lot of them compared to normal cars, so sourcing parts and fitting them etc will be expensive.

    I certainly wouldn’t take my damaged Lambo down to some back street body shop, I’d want the guys who made the blooming thing to fix it as they know what they are doing!

    Anyway, the issue isn’t whether its a Lambo or a 2CV or whether its the guys fault for parking it on the street(Wtf???)
    People shouldn’t be doing f**king stupid things like this…it all comes down to a lack of respect for other people property.

    He got off lightly I say…
    Just another kn0b wanting to be famous I guess :/

  32. mase says:

    what alil bish. he should have one of his balls removed!

  33. Reg says:

    I agree completely with the damages costs. These cars are very expensive to buy, maintain and repair. Anybody who says 20k is not realistic is talking from a lack of knowledge, which means you shouldn’t be talking at all about the subject.

    His punishment wasn’t big at all. He should have to work off every cent PLUS the punishment he got.

    And saying that the guy must have insurance is the most pathetic arguement you can make.

  34. Ian says:

    So let me get this straight.

    Tai Says:

    They wouldn’t have done the same thing if it was your car? I think they would have, criminal damage is criminal damage.

    Bobby Says…you shouldn’t park a car on the road.

    Wtf? It’s a car, you should be able to leave in anywhere without some moron criminally damaging it.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a Lambo, a Porsche or a Polo, no one deserves getting their car keyed or damaged, it’s the work of a cowardly moron, who hopefully dies before they procreate and leave behind a beautiful darwin.

  35. Dogbreath says:

    This idiot did not learn to respect other peoples property. If I were there, I would have held him for the owner of the car. If it were my car, he would have had to recover from a painful healing process.

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