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Up on eBay – 1990 Jaguar XJ220 Prototype No. 2

1990 Jaguar XJ220 Prototype No. 2

One of the most exciting cars launched in the early 90s was the Jaguar XJ220 and the second prototype made by the British automaker is now available on eBay Motors. The seller of the supercar says that the vehicle has the chassis number XPO102 and it comes with a video of it that was recorded in May 1991 on the Nurburgring track. The prototype has been driven for only 6,700 miles and it appears to be in an excellent condition.

1990 Jaguar XJ220 Prototype No. 2

The prototype is motivated by a Heidigger-built race-derived engine borrowed from the XJR-11 race car so it’s roughly a V6 3.5-liter Rover-derived engine, not the massive V12 that the concept had, but it stays true to the production model.

1990 Jaguar XJ220 Prototype No. 2

This prototype of the XJ220 is actually smaller than the version that Jaguar produced, and it actually looks sleeker. The car was photographed one time in the presence of Princess Diana.

The seller is asking $800,000 for the car and the auction will end on November 21.

Source: eBay Motors via Motor Authority

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