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Enclosed Car Shipping

Car shipping services have multiplied exponentially, keeping head to head with the expansion of the ever growing car market. No matter where you, shipping companies can always reach you and deliver the car to your doorstep. The car shipping service is separated in a couple of sectors. And one of these sectors is the “enclosed” car shipping. This service is usually reserved for the clients that don’t want even the slightest grain of dust to touch their car. As the name says, enclosed transport means that the car is safely and securely transported to its destination inside a trailer. This way the shipping company makes sure that the vehicle arrives to it’s destination in the exact state as it was at the point of origin.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the uncovered shipping service will get your car scratched and dented. The vehicle is completely secured on the car’s deck. Yet still, within the enclosed space, the car is protected from the tiniest scratches caused by the wind or other influential conditions. A car placed inside the container will settle the mind and heart of the car owner.

Enclosed Car Shipping

Weather is a very important factor that is always taken into consideration during a transport. Thankfully the enclosed space protects the vehicle from all weather manifestations that can have the potential of harming it, things like: acid rain, hail, snow, or even an unexpected dust storm. Each of them could hit pretty hard during a transport. There are other possible dangers on the road like gravel, pebbles and other road dust that can clash with your car incredibly hard, and leave big marks in the process. Debris are always a problem especially when traveling at high speed, because the smallest of items can collide with one of the cars and will definitely leave a mark, if not a small dent. Enclosed shipping will protect you from all these potential dangers that have the “ability” to leave your car looking like it has undergone a tiny meteor shower.

All these possible and plausible troubles are serious concerns for the car owner, even more when a car that’s either brand new, or rare, or expensive has to be transported from point A to point B. Only the enclosed shipping service can bring comfort to those particular car owners. Despite the fact that the enclosed shipping service is a bit more expensive than the usual one, the extra money is worth it. If you’re interested in your car’s safety and condition, than you should definitely head for enclosed car shipping. This type of shipping service has been voted as the safest, most secure and most practical for shipping expensive cars.

Enclosed Car Shipping - Lamborghini

Enclosed shipping not only protects your car from dust and weather, it also protects it from too curious eyes. Being inside the container, no one can even get near to it, therefore you can feel free to leave whatever belongings in the car since they’ll be locked inside the car, and the car locked in the container.

To ensure the complete security while transporting your car from point A to B, and insure that it will arrive in the same state in which was handed to the shipping agent, they may also cover your car with a special cloth overcoat to keep of the smallest specks of dust. This may be a bit more expensive, since it’s a service intended for classic or exotic cars, but the result is worth it. It might get a bit pricier than the open carrier shipping, but at least you can sleep at night.

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